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The Grand Ole game. Nice to have it back! Already there are people moaning and groaning, about there teams. Poor Redsox fans, want results for the season in one week. They will hit this year, without a doubt. Now the pitching might be a reason to be concern. However I think they will make the playoff's. Of course the Yankees will be there with them. I think AJ Burnett will have a much better season and start earning that fat paycheck. Not sure what just happen to Manny in Tampa, for him to retire. Actually he should have done that at the end of last year or the year  before. Tampa has good pitching, but they have lost a few key players from the previous season. Now Bmore has a good mix of vets and young guys on their team. They will need a healthy Roberts all year, but I like the coach and the key additions, for this team. The Jays can hit and do have some pitching, just not enough of everything to contend, in the tough AL East.

In the National Central, I see the Reds taken this division. They have all the talent to do so. The Cards will not win this division. Oh Albert should have taken the offer from the Cards. I really would not even have offered him. However I do think he is a fool for not taking it. Is he worth what they offered, no, not in my mind. What, he has lead them to one WS. Wow! I wonder what he is thinking? He will press this year, trying to impress. Sometimes we get to greedy for our own good. Consider all the talent on the Cards, the last few years and they have not been able to bust a grape, durning the playoff's.

Just to let everyone know the Rockies are taking it out West.  The Giants will make the wild card. The rest of the west is very sad, with the Pads, Dodgers and Dbacks. However the Dbacks, now have a good GM.

We all know the Phillies should win the East. Pitching will do that for you. I do like the Braves, alot and think they could win the wild card. The Marlins will play you hard all the time and if you don't watch out, they will cause other teams alot of problems. They always seem to have some good young players. Don't think the Mets have enough to do anything and of course the Nats are still building.

The AL west should be won by Texas, but I think this division will be kinda close, with the A's and Angels trying to put up a fight. Still do not understand, why Ichiro is not batting 2nd or 3rd and Figgy is not leading off in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I just don't think the Mariners have enough talent around the King and Ichiro.

Chisox will win the Central, with all that hitting they have and they have a good staff. I think Edwin Jackson will have an outstanding year. Of course we can never count out the Twins. It will be close in this division, because the Tigers can hit also.  I think this will be a close race all season long. We know KC has talent, just not enough of it.

Enjoy the season folks.


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