Great Underground Empire Strikes Back

Wecome to the National and American League Division Series.

Pennant Race Results:

Congratualtions to the participants that won the Divisions and Wildcard. The final Standings/Seedings were:

American League:

Team - Votes (Margin)

1. Central: Minnesota Twins - 17 (+4)

2. East: Boston Red Sox - 12 (+1)

3. West: Texas Rangers - 9 (+3)

4. Wild Card: New York Yankees - 11 (-1)

National League

Team - Votes (Margin)

1. Atlanta Braves - 10 (+3)

2. Colorado Rockies - 10 (+2)

3. Milwaukee Brewers - 8 (+3)

4. San Francisco Giants - 8 (-2)


Next Round: American and National League Division Series

PatsFan21 (Yankees) starts the TD against WinTwins (Twins)

The Yankees faced elimination in game 4 at home so they sent out their ace on short rest. CC pitched well, but the Twins won in a low-scoring pitchers duel. Twins advance. (6-3)

Dyhard (for Kagan McDuff) (Rangers) starts the TD against Hobbes (Red Sox)

In a bit of a surprise, the talented Red Sox shut down the powerful Texas lineup in four games. Red Sox advance. (6-2)

Flambo Gus (Giants) starts the TD against UH (Braves)

The Giants proved that good pitching and playoff experience is a tough combination to beat by defeating the Braves in four games. Giants advance. (9-6)

Sweetness 85 (Brewers) starts the TD against Assassin (Rockies)

The Brewers continue their improbable run towards their first World Series appearance since 1982 with a road win in the 5th game. Brewers advance. (8-7)


Simple Rules

1. Start by Wednesday, April 20.

2. Pick the starting rotation for 5 games in argument 1 and assume the 2-2-1 format. You may make any additional arguments in arg 1 - it is not a "list first."

3. Start the TD with "WST"

4. Multi-media is allowed.

Like the real playoffs, the rotation will carry over into the next round:

  • Win by 1 or 2 votes, series went 5 games.
  • Win by 3 or 4 votes, series went 4 games.
  • Win by 5 or more votes, series went 3 games.

For example, if your #1 pitches game 5 in the NLDS, he's not available Game 1 in the NLCS. Pitching on short rest might work for or against you depending on the pitcher. Home, road, and ballpark might work for or against you as well.

Good Luck!

April 10, 2011  02:57 PM ET

Very well planned and executed Grue. Great Tourney!

April 10, 2011  04:16 PM ET

And Twins.

April 10, 2011  04:30 PM ET

regarding the rotations. should we assume one day between games? or two in a row then a day off? will make a difference with who is thrown each game

April 10, 2011  06:25 PM ET

regarding the rotations. should we assume one day between games? or two in a row then a day off? will make a difference with who is thrown each game

Good question. Last year, the Rangers vs Rays went 5 games.

Let's assume:

Gm 1 - Oct. 6
Gm 2 - Oct. 7
Gm 3 - Oct. 9
Gm 4 - Oct. 10
Gm 5 - Oct. 12

April 10, 2011  06:25 PM ET

That makes sense with a travel day.

April 11, 2011  08:59 AM ET

Very well done Grue, Looking forward to this. Thanks.

April 18, 2011  12:19 PM ET

Kagan backed out?


No offense Dyhard. Good luck, and thanks for stepping in!

April 18, 2011  09:57 PM ET

Brewers Advance!

April 19, 2011  05:48 PM ET

Why are none of these getting any love??? I thought Patsfan and I had a good TD with decent arguments....but only 9 votes?

Only 15 for Sweetness and Assassin?


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