I considered the following as the Saints off-season priority list:

1. CB - Aging and ineffictive on deep passes.

2. WR - I know most people put LB as our #2 need but the loss of Joe and dealing with injuries frome Devry and Marquis requires us to make some changes.

3. LB- Our LB's overachieved last year,  but we still struggled stopping the run and keeping up with slot receivers.

4. OL - We simply need depth.

It appears that when there are no good CB's in free agency the best way to plug the hole is to thrown a bunch of bodies at the problem and hope that someone stands out. Jason David started for the Colts but was not supper impressive. Im not sure if we plan on keeping Kaesviharn at S but he seems to be fast enough to cover WR's. Then we took Young and Jones in the draft.

Young has good size at 5'11 and speed (4.3 40) and Jones is a little slower (4.5 40) but apparently has better cover skills.

 At WR, Daid Patten will be a good possession receiver. The addition of Meachem and TE Eric Johnson will give us a surplus of hands eager to catch Brees' passes, which was definately needed with the departure of Joe Horn and last season's injuries to Marquis and Devery.

 At LB we brought in Simmons and Evans and drafted Marvin Mitchell and also invited a few undrafted free agents to camp.  Im not scared to go to battle with the guys we have right now however we definately needed to add depth because there was knowone on the bench that could give any of these guys any releif. Fincher had 9 tackles and Melton has 24 and often looked lost.

At SS, im sure they will try to plug Kaesvilharm in however I have always held out hope that Gleason would develop into a starter. He has the relentless, skull crushing attitude that i like at SS.  Unfortunately he makes some coverage mistakes that would cost us on deep passes if he were an everyday player. Looks like he will be religated to Special teams for his duration in New Orleans (the new Fred Mcaffee). Jay Bellemy NEVER knows where he is supposed to be and always makes our CB's look bad on deep post routes that he is supposed to provide support for.

 At OL, we could definately use some help at both positions on the right side. I cant count the number of times, Deuce or Reggie missed out of a big gain because Stintchcomb could not hold his block.


None the less, I look forward to a great season and definately believe that we will be a better, more refined team this comming year.  


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