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If the new coach keeps Shaun Watson as O-Coordinator, I can see this offense staying in place. It has been proven to be able to put up points, but there will be a bit of option or a similar style of running attack built in. To start that, the coach will HAVE to recruit within Nebraska, with the sole purpose of picking up Large bodies who can move fast and can move bodies off the line. The one thing that needs to come back is a new strength and conditioning coach. The players that we have now have had it easy for the last 4 years, and the performance on the field show it. Back in the day, we used to make a huge deal on how much our guys could lift, bench and how fast they were. Now none of that is known. I'm sure that some can bench a small building, but you'd not know it by watching the games.

If we get a completely new staff, all bets are off. Since most of the staff is under contract until Jan. 2009, I would hope that they will stick around and keep a little continuity during the transistion.

Pelini: We don't know what offense he would run since he is a defensive oriented coach. Which would lead me to the assumption that he might leave things the way they are for now. We are putting up fantastic numbers, passing. We need help running the ball. Get the big linemen and go with what we've got. If he is smart, offer Watson a job.

Gill: He is an option guy. His Buffalo team likes to run the ball and throw when necessary. That can win games. The problem with Turner is that he is too close to TO. I don't think that Tom could fire him if needed.

Johnson: Has completely turned a laughable Navy team into a spoiler. They are not quite up to snuff for conference play, but they have a fantastic work ethic and can play ball. For academy guys anyway. Given the entire country to recruit from, he could be dangerous.

Leavitt: Who'd a thunk that South Florida would be where they are today? They entered Division 1 football 10 years ago and are legitamately challenging the big boys in the SEC. TO has already said that he likes what he sees in their offense as well as their defense. (Is that an omen??) They run well and pass even better. Another coach that could be dangerous with a big league school.

Whatever coach decides to take the job had better learn to duck and cover. Fan's and Media alike will be watching every move under a microscope. There is talent here (just ask, they just need more direction than what they got from the former coaches. We could easily get 10+ wins next year with what we have, with better coaching.


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