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 1) Early pick for SI Sportsman of the Year.....Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K is only 3 victories away from acheiving the all-time wins record in NCAA Mens Basketball. It is only 1/3 through 2011, but unless anyone comes along with an incredible performance in anything sports related...this is my pick. You heard it here first.

2) The NFL lock-out....whatever. Not going to waste any energy debating billionaires vs. millionaires when so many business are affected by the tantrums of the rich and uber-rich.

3) MLB has started, although the spring weather in the Northeast has yet to arrive. And through the first 16/17 games of the season, who could have predicted the Cleveland Indians would be 12-5 and the Boston Red Sox would have a 5-11 record. And while the Sox have started to get some momentum, they have started the season in a hole no one could have imagined during the pre-season. 

4) Can the season end fast enough for the New York Mess? The Los Angeles Dodgers were the pre-season favorite for the coveted "Disfunctional Team Award", but the Mets have started fast with the whole Madoff-mess. Madoff vs. McCourts...presented by MLB/Court TV/MSNBC and every other network that follows sports news/financial news/legal news and every other facet of these sad tales. Plus, a combined 13-22 record does not bode well for these storied franchises.

5) NBA play-offs: Heat and Celt's are rolling while the Lakers and Spurs got rolled. There is a changing of the guard in the Western Conference. Since the 1998-99 NBA season either team has be crowned champions for 9 out of 12 seasons. If they continue to perform, or under-perform, the torch will be passed to the next great teams.

6) Tiger makes a charge at The Masters, but continues to be plagued with inconsistent play over the course of 18 holes. The question has transformed from When he...to Will he...in the space of less than 2 years. Maybe not a Michael Vick fall from grace, but no less shocking considering the height of the pedestal!

April 20, 2011  11:33 AM ET

5) been*

April 21, 2011  02:12 AM ET

Poor Tiger Woods. On the way to becoming the greatest golfer, cheats on his wife with multiple women, and now can't win a damn thing. It's a damn shame. Maybe he should just start cheating on everybody again.

April 21, 2011  01:05 PM ET

The NFL Lockout just aggravates the hell out of me. They've known it was coming for years and did nothing about it. If Gene Upshaw were still alive, I honestly believe this would not have happened. Smith has an agenda and it's costing the players, the fans, the cities, the sponsors, everyone. I want football dammit and they better figure out a way to make it happen.

Tiger needs to get laid. Plain and simple ;-)

April 21, 2011  02:20 PM ET

Don't worry, folks. You guys are going to love the CFL.

I hear Cam Newton is going to be playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

April 21, 2011  06:16 PM ET

Lakers and Spurs win...The Dodgers take a financial dive. Someone must have read this yesterday.....

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April 22, 2011  10:56 AM ET

I am guilty of not looking for blogs often enough. Fine work nonetheless, Maim.

Thank you, I appreciate your input.....


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