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The Red Sox are supposed to be the best team in baseball, yet they are only 6-11 after today's game.  They started out an unbelievably 0-7 until they finally won their first game on April 8th against the rival Yankees.  How is this possible that the team with one of the best lineups, rotations, and bullpen are only 6-11 on April 20th?  Yes it is very early and the Sox still have 145 games left this year and their is no reason to panic yet, but with all the high expectations and big offseason moves I as a die hard Red Sox fan are pretty disappointed in their performance up to this point.  While my expectations were probably a little higher than they should be, I still expected this team to at this point at least be 11-6 or better and win close to 100 games and win it all.  Now that still isn't impossible and other people have had those expectations and still do like me, Red Sox Nation wants this team to win and to win now.  It has helped the pain some that they have now won 4 of their last 5 games and their pitching has improved and their offense is starting to get some hits and produce runs. 

All though they are improving and making some of the pain go away some players for them just make me sick to watch most of the time.  John Lackey is the single player that drives me nuts when I watch the Sox and he is pitching, we are paying him so much money and he was a Cy Young Award winner with the Angels, but everytime I watch him pitch I can't help but look away.  He allows so many early hits in games which usually leads to early runs and puts our offense in a tough situation in having to try and score early to keep up.  I know he will most likely pick it up sometime, i just hope its sooner then later and he can regain his Cy Young form he had as an Angel and help out this talented team.  Another player that has been causing me pain to watch is our new catcher Salty.  He has shown some small signs that he could one day be a really good catcher, but more often than not he makes  a mistake or overthrows when attempting to throw out a runner and not coming up at the plate when runners are on.  JD Drew, he has been causing me pain since the first day he put on that Red Sox uniform, he can be a good player, but only if he really wants to.  He never looks like he really cares when he strikes out looking, he never shows any emotion like the other Sox players do, and he is way overpaid.  Carl Crawford was one of the huge offseason moves the Sox made this year and paid $142 million over 7 years.  He has been hard to watch so far this year, luckily it is early in the year and he has started out like this with the Rays before and multiple other big player signings have started like this to (ex. A-Rod, Teixera, Giambi).  If he regains his playing form of last year he will be a lot of fun to watch.

With all the pain so far this season their has been some bright spots for this Red Sox team.  Dustin Pedrioa has taken over as the team leader and has shown that on and off the field.  He does whatever it takes to win and has been playing great so far this year.  David Ortiz is off to a surprisingly quick start compared to the last few years and has shown that he is a hitter to be feared byh pitchers once again.  Adrian Gonzalez was the other huge offseason move with Carl Crawford and he has been playing pretty well so far, he has lots of room to improve this season so far, but at least he is hitting and playing good defense so far.  Kevin Youkilis is struggling at the plate some, although recently he has slowly started to hit more, but more impressively is that he is still playing Gold Glove caliber play at 3rd base.  Lester and Beckett seem like they are starting to get back to their old selves and it is exciting to watch and now Dice-K is starting to pitch well now that he is pitching for his life.

Its a long season and there will be many ups and downs for Red Sox fans this year.  Hopefully though the Sox will figure it out and will finish at the TOP as World Series Champions for the 3rd time in 8 years. 

I am a high school senior who plays football and basketball and used to coach little league baseball.  I plan to go to Kutztown University to play D-2 Football.  I am a Red Sox, Eagles, Celtics, Flyers, UNC/Florida Basketball, and  PSU/Florida football, fan.


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