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This was an interesting week in the NFL.  Devon Hester got 2 touchdowns just from Special teams, Eli Manning threw 4 interceptions - 3 of those being returned for touchdowns, LT got past the 10,000 yard rushing mark becoming only the 23rd player in the history of the NFL to do that.  Many teams changed places this week after one of the roughest NFL weeks.  I will explain each of rankings after every section - there are 3 sections.

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1. Patriots

2. Cowboys

3. Packers

4. Colts

5. Steelers

6. Jaguars

7. Seahawks

8. Buccaneers

9. Browns

10. Chargers

11. Giants


The Patriots are number 1 for an obvious reason, but since they got a scare from the Eagles not other teams might think that they can beat them.  The Cowboys and Packers will change spots if the Packers are able to win on Thursday (I personally believe that the Packers will win, even though the game is being played at the Cowboys stadium).  The Jaguars will move to number 4 or 5 with a victory over the Colts on Sunday.  They will move up to number 4 with a Steelers loss to the Dolphins (unlikely to happen, but you never know - look what happened last week).  The Steelers will move down at least 2 spots if they lose to the winless Dolphins.  That might be the biggest upset of the year so far.  The Seahawks finally showed some life this weekend, but they almost lost - if it was not for a bad throw by the Rams quarterback with less than a minute left that would of given them the lead, the Seahawks would be 6-5 (they would of still had the lead in the division).  The Chargers seem like they might be getting some life after LT passed the 10,000 career rushing yards mark and Rivers threw for 3 touchdowns and over 200 yards passing.  The Giants are lucky that they are so high.  Even though their record is 7-4, Manning (Eli) threw 4 interceptions and 3 of those interceptions were returned for touchdowns by the Vikings.  This was by far Manning's worst game this year, but at least he did not throw a 6 interception game like his brother did against the Chargers. 


12. Lions

13. Titans

14. Cardinals

15. Bears

16. Viikings

17. Broncos

18. Bills

19. Texans

20. Eagles

21. Redskins

The Lions desperatly need a win in order to keep thier playoff hopes alive.  The Bears got a major win on Sunday to keep thier slim playoff hopes alive.  Devon hester saved their season by getting 2 touchdowns on Special teams (kick off return and a punt return).  The Broncos could be in trouble after they blew a 14 point lead with 10 minutes to go.  the Eagles are in the middle pack because they almost beat the Patriots, they would of tied the game if Feely did not throw that interception with about 2 minutes to go.  The Texans looked really good the first couple games of the season, but have not done very well since then going 3 - 6.  The Vikings are looking good, they intercepted 4 of Eli Manning's passes, returning 3 of them for touchdowns.  The Redskins will slip into the last section if they cannot pick up a win.

22. Saints

23. Bengals

24. Panthers

25. Ravens

26. Chiefs

27. Raiders

28. 49ers

29. Falcons

30. Jets

31. Rams

32. Dolphins

The Dolphins are going to lose tonight, so I do not think that they will move up in anybody's rankings.  The Rams almost could of won on Sunday but with Marc Bulger getting hurt earlier in the game (went out with a concussion) and the bad throw made in the red zone at the end of the game by their inexperienced QB they lost.  The 49ers got really lucky in their win over the Cardinals.  The reason they won is because a bunch of fat guys knew how to fall on a football in the endzone.  The Ravens season seems to be going nowhere, after they lost their fifth straight game against the Chargers on Sunday.  Their losing streak could and most likely will reach seven games because they play the Colts and the Patriots the next two weeks.  The Carolina Panthers have also lost 5 games in a row.  And their schedule does not looking to get any better with games against the Buccaneers, the Seahawks, the Cowboys, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The only game I see them winning is the game against the 49ers, which is this week.  The Chiefs are in a must-win situation, escpecially with the Chargers gaining momentum with their win over the Raiders.  The Chiefs seem like they are even in more trouble with their star running back out and their loss to their division rivals, the Oakland Raiders.


I will be posting my NFL picks later tonight (Monday) and my thoughts on this weeks NFL action.  Thank you for reading all the way through and please view my NFL Week 13 picks.


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