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We had a very interesting and confusing first round in this year's NFL Draft.  My Mock Draft got destroyed by all of the unexpected moves and shocking picks by some teams (Vikings).  Time for my 2011 NFL 1st Round Review:


1. Panthers- Cam Newton, Auburn, Quarterback            Mine: Marcell Dareus


I knew they would most likely go this route and take Cam #1 overall, but I was hoping they would've been smarter and had taken the dominant defensive lineman and let Jimmy Clausen get the chance to develop.  Cam has tremendous upside, but is also a huge risk and I still don't see him as a quarterback worth the #1 pick.  Hopefully he turns into a great dual threat quarterback for many years to come.

My Grade: C


2. Broncos- Von Miller, Texas A&M, Linebacker            Mine: Von Miller


            Not much of a decision here for the Broncos, Miller is a great linebacker and pass rusher and will upgrade the Broncos defense.  The Broncos wont regret this pick ever, he'll be the centerpiece of their defense for many years to come.

            My Grade: A+


3. Bills- Marcell Dareus, Alabama, Defensive Tackle  Mine: Cam Newton


            Once the Panthers took Cam at #1 I knew Marcell was going to go to Buffalo.  They need a quarterback, but there is no way they could pass up on someone like Marcell Dareus, he is going to give some great AFC East offensive lines headaches for the next decade plus.

            My Grade: A


4. Bengals- A.J. Green, Georgia, Wide Receiver            Mine: Blaine Gabbert


            The Carson Palmer threat wasn't enough for the Bengals to use a 1st round pick on a quarterback.  Instead they take one of the best and most athletic players in this year's draft to try and persuade Carson to come back, or for their second round choice of Andy Dalton to throw to.

            My Grade: A-


5. Cardinals- Patrick Peterson, LSU, Defensive Back  Mine: Patrick Peterson (Texans)


            I was right with Peterson going here, I just predicted a trade that didn't end up happening.  Peterson is arguably the best player in this year's draft, but what confused me was the fact that the Cardinals actually took him considering their secondary wasn't much a need.  Maybe they are looking to trade him to Philadelphia after the lockout for Kevin Kolb? As an Eagles fan I sure hope so.

            My Grade: B+


6. Browns-Falcons (trade)- Julio Jones, Alabama, Wide Receiver Mine: A.J. Green

            Had the position right, but A.J. went higher and then the Falcons gave up five picks just to draft Julio Jones.  He's good, but I don't know about five draft picks good, including a 1st round pick next year.  Besides all five picks given up a pretty good selection for the Falcons.

            My Grade: B+


7. 49ers- Aldon Smith, Missouri, Defensive End            Mine: Prince Amukamara


            Not totally surprised they passed on Prince here, but more so surprised they passed on Blaine Gabbert.  The 49ers need a new quarterback and Blaine would've been a great pick here, but Aldon will add to their defense and improve it some.  They took Colin Kaepernick out of Nevada in the 2nd round to take care of that quarterback need, but Blaine would've been the better choice.

            My Grade: C-


8. Titans- Jake Locker, Washington, Quarterback            Mine: Nick Fairley


            Shocked with this pick, everything I read and watched said that the Titans were going to take Fairley if he was still available here.  Instead they elected to go quarterback and passed on Blaine Gabbert and took Jake Locker instead.  I still believe Jake will end up being the best pro quarterback from this draft class.  Good move, but very shocking.

            My Grade: A-


9. Cowboys- Tyron Smith, USC, Offensive Tackle  Mine: Tyron Smith


            Expected this pick, they needed to upgrade their line if they want to keep Tony Romo healthy.  Tyron is the best offensive lineman in this year's draft and will be a reliable player for many years to come.

            My Grade: A


10. Redskins-Jaguars (trade)- Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, Quarterback Mine: Robert Quinn

            With Blaine Gabbert falling this far and the Jaguars needing a quarterback to replace the 33-year-old David Garrad in a few years this was a good pick.  Blaine wont have to start right away and will get the chance to learn from Garrad before eventually taking over as the Jaguars starting quarterback.


11. Texans- J.J. Watt, Wisconsin, Defensive End            Mine: Jake Locker (Cardinals)


            The Texans went defensive as expected to try and improve their horrible defense.  I think it was too early for them to draft J.J. at #11, especially with Robert Quinn and Ryan Kerrigan still available.

            My Grade: C+


12. Vikings- Christian Ponder, Florida State, Quarterback            Mine: Andy Dalton


            The most outrageous pick of the 1st round.  The Vikings needed a quarterback, but they choose Christian Ponder way too early.  He was just barely 1st round worthy to me, Andy Dalton was still available but they decided they wanted Ponder and this may cost them in the long run.

            My Grade: F


13. Lions- Nick Fairley, Auburn, Defensive Tackle  Mine: Da'Quan Bowers


            I didn't expect Fairley to drop this far, but he did and the Lions couldn't resist taking him and with good reason too.  Him and Ndamukong Suh will tear apart every NFC West offensive line and just about any other team they face as well.

            My Grade: A+


14. Rams- Robert Quinn, UNC, Defensive End            Mine: Julio Jones


            Since Atlanta moved up earlier to take Julio Jones it left the Rams without any receivers good enough to be taken here.  So they went defensive and took Robert Quinn, good pick, he's very athletic and will help with the Rams pass rush.

            My Grade: B+


15. Dolphins- Mike Pouncey, Florida, Offensive Lineman            Mine: Mark Ingram


            Decided to pass on taking Ingram in case Ricky or Ronnie leave, took Pouncey instead who will bolster up their line and help them be able to run and pass better.  Mike isn't as good as his twin Maurkice in Pittsburgh, but he is still going to be a solid blocker for the Dolphins for a long time to come.

            My Grade: A


16. Jaguars-Redskins (trade)- Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue, Defensive End Mine: Aldon Smith

            After trading back and letting Jacksonville take Gabbert the Redskins took Ryan Kerrigan to play opposite of Brian Orakpo on the defensive line.  Him and Orakpo together will cause some problems for opposing teams offensive tackles.

            My Grade: B


17. Patriots- Nate Solder, Colorado, Offensive Tackle  Mine: Mike Pouncey


            Pouncey went earlier than I expected, but the Patriots still added to their offensive line by taking Nate Solder.  Nate is capable of starting from day one and being in the Patriots organization will help him out even more.

            My grade: A


18. Chargers- Corey Liuget, Illinois, Defensive Tackle  Mine: Cameron Heyward


            I felt like Cameron would have fit in well with the Chargers defense but they decided to go defensive tackle and took Corey Liuget to play the nose most likely.  Not a bad pick, but feel like they could've done better.

            My Grade: C+


19. Giants- Prince Amukamara, Nebraska, Defensive Back            Mine: Anthony Castonzo


            They don't need a defensive back but decided to take Prince anyways because he was the best available player.  He is a great player, but the Giants need offensive line help more, so kind of a questionable pick.

            My Grade: B


20. Buccaneers- Arian Clayborn, Iowa, Defensive End            Mine: J.J. Watt


            Had the position and the conference right (Big Ten), but J.J. went earlier to Houston.  Adrian is the better player between him and J.J. to me.  He will help this young team make a push in the NFC South for a playoff appearance.

            My Grade: A


21. Chiefs-Browns (trade)- Phil Taylor, Baylor, Defensive Tackle  Mine: Nate Solder


            Good pick for the Browns, but an unnecessary move by them to trade up when no one else needed a defensive tackle ahead of them.  He'll help replace Shaun Rodgers and try to make this under construction Browns team relevant again

            My Grade: A-


22. Colts- Anthony Castonzo, Boston College, Offensive Tackle  Mine: Corey Liuget


            With Anthony Castonzo still available and Corey Liuget gone, the Colts decided to upgrade their line and Peyton Manning's blind side.  A big strong player that will come in and start from day one, another good pick by Bill Polian and co.

            My Grade: A


23. Eagles- Danny Watkins, Baylor, Offensive Guard   Mine: Gabe Carimi


            Gabe Carimi and Jimmy Smith were both still available at this point, but yet the Eagles tried to outsmart everyone by taking the 26-year-old rookie who has only played football for 4 years.  Danny will contribute and be solid hopefully, but with Gabe and Jimmy both still out there I don't understand this pick.

            My Grade: C-


24. Saints- Cameron Jordan, Cal, Defensive End            Mine: Cameron Jordan


            One of the few I predicted right, Cameron slipped quite a bit in this draft but ended up in a pretty good place to play.  He'll get the chance to play on the Super Champion team from just 2 years ago and will try to take them back there.

            My Grade: A


25. Seahawks- James Carpenter, Alabama, Offensive Lineman            Mine: Ryan Kerrigan


            Don't understand this pick at all; Carpenter was a questionable 2nd round pick but the Seahawks badly reached for him.  They should've improved their defense our got Matt Hasselback's successor.       

            My Grade: F


26. Ravens (pass)-Chiefs- Jon Baldwin, Pitt., Wide Receiver  Mine: Adrian Clayborn


            The Ravens somehow run out of time by having a trade not fall through at the last minute.  So the Chiefs decided to get Matt Cassel someone else to throw too.  Another reach here in my opinion because Baldwin was another 2nd round type of player.

            My Grade: D+


27. Ravens- Jimmy Smith, Colorado, Defensive Back            Mine: Jimmy Smith


            Predicted this one right, just not them passing due to a trade not happening.  But they get a really good corner back in Jimmy Smith who will get to play with some of the best defensive players in the league and learn form them.

            My Grade: A


28. Patriots-Saints (trade)- Mark Ingram, Alabama, Running Back  Mine: Ryan Mallet (Seahawks)

            Got the trade part right, just not the right teams or player.  The Saints continue their great draft by getting 2010 Heisman Trophy winner and National Champion Mark Ingram.  He will help the Saints ground game and try to return them to the promise land.

            My Grade: A+


29. Bears- Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin, Offensive Tackle  Mine: Danny Watkins


            Gabe Carimi falls all the way to pick #29 and the Bears take him with no problem.  Supposedly the next Joe Thomas a great pick by the Bears to try and improve their horrible line.

            My Grade: A+


30. Jets- Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple, Defensive Lineman            Mine: Marvin Austin


            A fast strong defensive lineman and a good pick by the Jets.  Thought maybe they would take a risk on Marvin Austin here but its just too early in the draft for him.  A little surprised that they didn't take Da'Quan Bowers as he continues to slip and will all the way to pick #51.

            My Grade: A


31. Steelers- Cameron Heyward, Ohio State, Defensive Lineman            Mine: Christian Ponder (Titans)

            Great pick by the Steelers, Cameron Heyward to me is one of the most underrated players in this draft to me.  He will fit in great with the Steelers defense and help maintain that tough Steel Curtain of Pittsburgh.

            My Grade: A+


32. Packers- Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State, Offensive Tackle  Mine: Muhammad Wilkerson

             Not a bad pick, a chance to upgrade their offensive line and a great chance for Derek Sherrod to play for a winner and block for one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

            My Grade: B


Surprise Players Not Drafted Round 1:

Andy Dalton, TCU, Quarterback

Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson, Defensive End

Ryan Mallet, Arkansas, Quarterback


April 30, 2011  08:23 PM ET

I disagree with much of your analysis. I think Denver will regret a player like Miller. I think ATL wasted picks to get a guy that is just a possession type. Prince Amukamara is a zone corner. And that is one of the reasons he fell to the Giants. I think Watt will be a great fit in Wade's defense. The Cards took the best player on their board. Which is great for them. I don't like the Jake Locker pick, but I stand by to wait. I'm not particular about the Ponder pick either. I think Joe Webb is a good guy. The Chiefs took a guy that was late in the first round that they felt was of great value. And I agree with their pick. The have two huge wide receivers that can cause match up problems. Gabe Carimi is not a Joe Thomas clone. He is a mauler who will play RT. Joe plays LT. So it will be interesting how this all plays out.

April 30, 2011  10:01 PM ET

I forgot the Cleveland pick by the way. They needed a stopper in the middle of their defense, so they got one. I don't know if he would have been available later. I thought it was a great choice for them considering the division they play in.


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