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As a dear fan of soccer, many of you would think that I don't know squat about the world of football.  But I actually do.  Growing up in the south, I have learned to like the game and enjoy watching, especially college's version.  And I understand a lot about the game, but the one thing I don't understand is the playoff system.  I understand the whole concept.  But why should a computer decide the National Championship?  It shouldn't so here is my solution to the problem.  It will not get rid of the BCS, but it will give a playoff while using the 4 major bowls. 


So here it is.  You take the 6 major conference winners and the top 6 other teams as at-large bids.  So here would be a projected field of 12 teams.

1. Big 12 Champ- Missouri Tigers (#1 in BCS)

2. PAC 10 Champ- Southern Cal Trojans (#8 in BCS)

3. Big 10 Champ- Ohio State Buckeyes (#3 in BCS)

4. SEC Champ- Louisiana State Tigers (#7 in BCS)

5. Big East Champ- West Virginia Mountaineers (#2 in BCS)

6. ACC Champ- Boston College Golden Eagles (#11 in BCS)

7. Georgia Bulldogs- #4 in BCS

8. Kansas Jayhawks- #5 in BCS

9. Virginia Tech Hokies- #6 in BCS

10. Florida Gators- #10 in BCS

11. Hawaii Warriors- #12 in BCS

12. Oklahoma- #9 in BCS

Here's how it works.  The top 4 teams, regardless of whether or not they are conference champs, have 1st-round byes.  Then the other eight teams will face each other based on the best vs. the worst and so on.  So the first-round matchups would be something like this.  The only that seeding system could be modified is if two conference opponents are drawn into a matchup with one another.  If that happens, then the brackets will be changed to accomodate non-conference matchups in the first round only.

Game 1: Ann Arbor, Michigan: #5 Kansas vs. #12 Hawaii.

Game 2: San Antonio, Texas: #6 Virginia Tech vs. #10 Florida

Game 3: Atlanta, Georgia: #7 LSU vs. #11 Boston College

Game 4: Boise, Idaho: #8 USC vs. #9 Oklahoma


The winners would move on and the highest seed would face the lowest seed.  And the lowest against the highest, and so on.

Game 5: Rose Bowl- #5 Kansas vs. #4 Georgia

Game 6: Fiesta Bowl- #6 Virginia Tech vs. #2 West Virginia

Game 7: Sugar Bowl- #7 LSU vs. #3 Ohio State

Game 8: Orange Bowl- #8 USC vs. #1 Missouri


From their, only the best of the best should be left.  The highest available seed takes on the lowest and the middle tow face one another.

Game 9: Dallas, Texas- #2 West Virginia vs. #8 USC

Game 10: Syracuse, New York- #4 Georgia vs. #7 LSU


Then, the two best teams face off in the BCS Championship game.  In this case, it would be USC vs. LSU.  If that game did happen, I would pick LSU. 




*I'm sorry if I took your idea, I've read one like this on here, but don't remember who wrote it.  This is just my idea, and the game winners were just chosen pretty much at random.  Let me know what you think, I used my College Football knowledge to the best of my ability.  So there it was.*


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