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The biggest sports stories of the day should have been as follows :

1. Sean Taylor, defensive star for the Washington Redskins, succumbed to a gunshot wound he received at his home, in bed, attempting to protect his baby daughter and her mother.

2. Sean Taylor, standout Washington Redskins Star dies after sustaining life threatening wounds at his home.

3. Baby Jackie Taylor is left without a Daddy.

4. Monday Night Football was a joke.

5. The Redskins offer homage and pay respects to Sean Taylor.

6. I had to buy a My Little Pony that set me back 29.96.

What should NOT have been the top story and the one you saw when ever you logged onto Fannation was Tony Romo spending time with the Simpsons. Now, if he was spending Thanksgiving with Marge and Homer, then hell, it would have been worth reading, but given that a young, 24 year old,  dare I say it (do NOT jump all over me for this), minority and up and coming football star died at the hands of a gunman - yet again - was overshadowed by Romo's decision of who to romp with just kills me.

See, now here's the thing. Last night, things were kind of boring. TD's were thrown about who has the best burgers, who has the best subs, the reason White Castle Burgers are called Sliders. Why Wendy's had square burgers etc. They all got deleted by the SI and Fannation Staff. But Tony "I wear my hat backwards because Im not sure when my head is facing forward or up my ****" Romo, spends the day after Turkey Day with Jessica "If I only had a brain" Simpson, and its major SPORTS news?

It's the front page of Fannation? Oh PUH-LEASE !

The worst part is, as a female sports fan, I read the posts, and I commented a bit but good God, are all of you 14 and hitting puberty? Some of the posts I read HAD to have been written by 13 or 14 yr olds that still hide playboy magazines under their mattress and still have wet dreams about Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck. Some of you maybe think of Suzy Quattro (sp?) or Shirley Feeney. Give me a break !

And then there are the ones that silently smirk behind their computer screens and dictate that, dammit, ST should have known this was coming and ya can take the thug out of the city but you cant take the city of the thug.

GROW UP. This was a human being, shot down in his BEDROOM while his girlfriend cowered underneath the bedcovers trying to save her daughter. For those of you who spout the bull, ****. In spite of what you THOUGHT he was, or what the story ends up being, Sean Taylor died pretty much on his bedroom floor trying to defend his family. He was found with extreme loss of blood, unresponsive and in cardiac arrest when paramedics finally got there. They hit his femoral artery. He lost a massive amount of blood. Massive.

I know that most of you are married, with kids, maybe even - Lord help ,me, DAUGHTERS .. and with wives that love you. Is this the forum that you let your middle aged crisis out? Is a "rack" like Jessica's that important?

I feel bad for you guys that have daughters who are 2 or 3 or 4 or 13 or 15 or 17.

What you say and feel about another woman, no matter how tasteless or derogatory or just plain sexist, some man will be saying about your daughter.

Studies show that girls without a contributing valuable father figure do worse in school. are more likely to be involved in violent relationships and are more likely to be involved with drugs or alcohol.

When she was born, you all said the same thing. This is my baby girl.I will protect her and I will love her and I will never let anything happen to her.

Go ahead and sit on the porch with your shotgun on her first date. It doesn't mean squat. Self Esteem and Self Respect when it comes to men is learnt from her dad and I sure hope she doesn't know your log in name.

I certainly don't mean to go off on all men on Fannation. The ones Im talking about know who they are and they are off my "friends" list. I have a 5 yr old daughter who is the most beautiful wonderful thing in my life.

The Top Story today should have been:

"Jackie Taylor loses her daddy".

Rest in peace and God Bless your soul Sean. May He show mercy and love on those who love you.

OK, sorry for the rant, but it had to be said. If not by me, then someone else.



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