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Turned on TV this morn and there was a special edition of the Today show. All about Bin Laden. I think we have already give this terrorist more air time than he should have. To go back just a bit, I was at work on 9-11. I work in a power plant and scheduled 12 hour shifts.As usual I had classic rock on the radio, maintenece was in to tag out repair items and of course every body from the plant manager on down wanted more power than the lousy coal they gave us could make. In between all this commotion, came an announcement on the radio that a plane had flown into one of the twin towers and they said they would report more when they had the details.Now I had recently became divorced and had two boys ages 16 and 11 i had to hang onto. So along with all the other stuff my mind was what was I gonna feed those two for dinner and worried about how their day was going and would the school call me to come get my youngest because he went brain dead. As the morning moved along the reports came in that another plane had hit the other tower and shortly they would be going to their sister all news station. Of course I am hearing this and trying to get more out of nothing. The other two people in the control room with me were out on tag outs or rounds so all this was processed to tell them when they got back. All a very typical day. When this boss or that boss wandered in to check on the units and complain to me how much power was being sold for,I politely but gruffly told them "I am giving ya all I got Captain" in my best Scotty voice and invited them to do better or at least show me. A phone call came in from my youngest , who informed me that they had let school out and sent the kids home. He was telling me out what happened and what they were showing on TV. These reports came all day . Not sure if he was worried or not but I encouraged him to keep calling and telling me because all i knew came from the radio. When i got home that evening, being the wonderful son he sometimes could be, he had dinner fixed for me. It consisted of hamburgers and fries. Slightly burnt I might add. I then saw what they had been talking about all day. I saw pictures of the planes hitting the towers, I saw the fire, I saw the towers collapsing. I also saw people in some sandy, wretched place dancing and signing in the streets giving their best yodel. I remember seeing one woman and thought to myself if I were King of the forest that place would now be a parking lot. Fast forward to now. The U.S. says that Old Bin was shot , died, and was buried. Their are some people who want to see photos. Would not bother me. I can think of a whole lot worse photos I have seen on the internet. Some have come from people who I believe have way too much time on their hands. Where in the world do they find some of this junk? Personally I could care less about seeing a photo. I thought Hussein once found in that tunnel he was living in, should have had a grenade tossed in there with him and the cover puled back over. People are going to court to sue the government to release the "Photo" I don't care what they do with it. But , remember this,If this government releases that pic will we be any better that the heathen that have killed and filmed and released photos of others being maimed? We know that the Taliban is going to attack somewhere somehow to make up for the killing. The thing we don't know is where and how many will be killed. Will they do atrocities anyway? Yep. But why inflame them. I keep thing about that Arab women dancing and yodeling and how bad i wanted to drop and bomb on her head and her city and sit back and say"Now. Take that." two cents.
May 5, 2011  09:42 AM ET

I'd rather not see the pic or have them released. I don't see any good that would come of it.

May 5, 2011  10:18 AM ET

I agree. I can't see what the point is to release the photos. There's always going to be conspiracy theorists, but I think our national security is more important than appeasing what a guy with a foil hat thinks.

May 5, 2011  03:06 PM ET

We are not any safer either way. But, why fuel an out of control fire? There are too many brain washed Muslims that can't think for themselves who want ANY possible reason to kill an infidel.
The words of the great Muslim terrorist......I KILL YOUUUUUU (Achmed the dead terrorist).

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May 6, 2011  01:36 PM ET

I have to agree Loandad. Those who choose not to believe will not believe no matter what proof is supplied them (i.e.- the moon landing), so what possible good can be accomplished by releasing inflammatory photos that could put more American lives in jeopardy.


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