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So it's been nearly 15 years since your team won a championship. This year, your team finally brings home the big trophy. There is pandemonium in the streets. Cars are honking, kids are dancing and adults are enjoying their favorite libation. For a year, you will get to rub it in the face of your friends that cheer for those other teams. It is going to be great! You will get to see your favorite team and players smiling and taking pictures on the White House lawn. Better yet, the Bear-loving President will have to put on the green and gold jersey.  At least that's what you thought.

Well Green Bay Packers fans, guess what, you are getting robbed.  You are getting robbed of all the headlines and pats on the back you deserve because of the National Football League lockout. Thank you very much NFL. Not only did some Packer fans get  good old' wedgies from the league back in February because of the Super Bowl seating disaster, now  you must celebrate the Packers fourth Super Bowl title carrying lead balloons. Your celebration has been stymied because the league can't decide how it wants to divide your money. As a life-long Packers fan, I have to say this Super Bowl celebration season feels like attending high school graduation without receiving a diploma. You know that you graduated but you have nothing to show friends and family at the post graduation party.

So Packers fans, I ask, what do we do?  Please send me some suggestions. I have purchased numerous championship t-shirts, but I am unfulfilled. It seems that all NFL fans want to talk about these days is the lockout. Additionally, since the NFL Draft drama has been completed, most fans have moved on to the next NFL season (although the official NFL season has not commenced because of all of these crazy so called labor issues).

 Do you remember the 1996 Packers Super Bowl victory? What a great time! I remember my prideful sporting of that ugly Super Bowl Champions hat and imitating the Desmond Howard robot at friendly gatherings. Today, I wear my multiple shirts and perform my Aaron Rodgers championship belt strut, but somehow it just doesn't feel the same. As a part of the NFL community, Packers fans deserve their shine. So I put out this plea to Roger Goodell, the "players union", Mark Murphy, Ted Thompson and even Mike McCarthy, can you get this nominal labor fight resolved and allow us diehard Packers fans to celebrate our long awaited Super Bowl Championship the right way. Can we get a little something in return for the 15 years of close calls, the Mike Sherman era and the Brett Favre drama?  Besides, all of you are arguing over how to split our money. Can we get some love? I know after all of this labor unrest is settled, we as fans will be paying more for our next road to championship celebration.  I just hope to have some helium in my balloons next time.

May 11, 2011  08:25 AM ET

Congrats to Packers and Aaron Rodgers. If anyone deserved a ring, it was Rodgers for sitting behind Favre for all of those years.

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