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I'm tired of hearing about it. Oh woe is me I can't get NFL network or the Big ten network, or a decent amount of HD channels or whatever channels cable wants to be in a dispute about now, on my cable. God knows there is no solution to this problem but doing nothing and complaining. I'm sickened. How the whole world has fallen into this paranoid delusion that there is no solution.  The only people that have reason to complain are people that live in apartments or subdivisions that don't allow sattelite dishes and don't have any kind of IPTV(Verizon FIOS, At&t U-verse, whatever Fidelity Net calls thiers) which is very rare. Most of us have some kind of choice but of course most people out there are going to live by Saturday Night Live Politics and whine about things without ever making any efforts to solve thier own problems. Oh I see some poor people instead of giving to them I'm going to buy an expensive stylish shirt form the mall or some coool new unglasses and whine at the government to make other people solve this persons problem, which in turn winds up taking some money from me anyway(taxes) and wasting a lot of it on administrative costs an things I don't want done. I have cable but have the choice of Sattelite or even possibly IPTV but instead I'll act helpless in a FREE market and whine to the government to make those big bad cable companies give me my NFL network which in turn still hurt the business of the companies that actually want to give me what I want. The attitude may be cute to some tree hugging girl or guitar playing guy when your 19 but it's time to grow up and act like you are an adult in the real world! Either sign up for DirecTV or Dish or if possible IPTV, it's really that easy. Don't tell me you struggle, I live check to check, often overdrafting to pay bills in a small town duplex in Missouri, taking care of myself and my 40 year old uncle who has a nervous disorder(an undefined rare lateral sclerosis much like Lou Gehrig's disease or Parkinson's) and the expenses include regular bills and utilities, exessive amounts of food to keep up with the energy his regular jerking burns and fixing all of theings his jerking breaks which is just sbout everything I own, yet I still buck up and get sattelite and if I didn't I would shut up about it. Grow up!

For those of you who can't get sattelite or IPTV I'm sorry you have to deal with this, but hopefully the people who can help it will, then simple supply and demand will make the cable companies listen just to keep up and it will solve your problem. For now, hopefully you can enjoy yourself at a local sportsbar, I recommend Buffalo Wild Wings if you don't have kids, and Applebees if you do.


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