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I blogged recently about games my daughter and I like to play when driving back and forth between the house on the cape and the house in New Hampshire. Last weeks drive back to the Cape was about favorite things or which do you like better kind of thing.

Well last week, she got really fresh when I asked her who was the better QB, Manning or Brady. Wait, here's the excerpt - save my fingers..

Heres a summary - My questions to her.. and her answers

Peas or Corn -  Peas

Roast Beef or Lamb - lamb

Garlic mashed potaotoes or cheesy mashed - cheesy mashed

dorito's or carrots and ranch dressing - carrots won (finally, my mom-hood kicks in)

Peas or Green Beans - Green beans

PB&J or PB& Fluff - PB & Fluff

Varitek or Lowell - Varitek (damn - never saw that coming)

Tony Stewart or Dale Jr - Tony (damn again! , never saw that coming)

At this point in the conversation, Im wondering who's kid this is and where is Megan?

Then I ask the question on all of sports fans minds the world over:

Manning or Brady - Manning.... I was driving thru the tunnel, I gasped, held my heart and squeaked, "are you serious?".. She said "Mom. I like Tom but REALLY.... you asked which one I thought was better. I LIKE Brady but I like Manning better. I said "You're 5, you know nothing.  To which she promptly asked me, Varitek or Lowell?? Of course I said Lowell. She told me I don't know anything.

So we made a bet on the Patriots game. I took the points and the Eagles. She didnt understand the concept of the point system and went so far as to tell me that it was cheating to give a team points that they didn't earn. (No snide Spygate comments ok?). The bet was if she won, she could have a new My Little Pony. If I won, I could take any ONE of her My Little Ponies and it would disappear into the bay (no, I wouldnt really do that but we both kind of want to see if they float, so she was ok with that). Now remember, I TOOK the points. But she wouldnt let me have them because it was cheating. So I had to take the Eagles straight up. We all know how it ended. The next day we were at Walmart and I was writing a check for 29.96 for a whopping huge My Little Pony that wasnt so little. Little stinker knows what she's doing. I should have known better and set a limit on what kind of pony she got. I'll know better this time.

So this week I have asked Megan to pick the games for my shhh... totally not legal football card. I will make the picks using the spread but she says she won't because... sigh.. say it with me now... "It's Cheating". Please, again, no snide comparisons here between my daughter the Patriot fan and Spygate. She's only 5. She can barely use her Barbie Camera let alone a videocam.

Ok Her picks and comments are first - I either agree or disagree - and remember, Im using the spread.

Green Bay vs Dallas (-6.5) - "Dallas. I like their twinkle stars and they're cowboys so they ride horses." I agree with the pick, not so much the Star or horses part but I will give up the points on this one.

Buffalo vs Washington -5.5 - "Buffalo, they're almost like horses. " (Im betting you see where shes going with the Denver and Indy games huh?) - I disagree - I will take Washington. I think they need this as part of their grieving process. Grief does strange things to people.

Detroit vs Minn. -3 - "I want the Purple team. I don't like that picture. Lions scare me. They might eeet me up" Well honey I told her, I think they scare the Vikings too so I will take the Lions and the points.

Houston vs Tenn -3.5 - "I don't like either of those teams. Do I have to pick one?" - Yes honey you do. She closed her eyes and jabbed her finger at the card. Tennessee by a hangnail. I really need to get the nail clippers out and take care of those nails. Bad mommy. I'll agree. I think Tenn covers.

Jax vs Indy -7 - "Look Mom! More horses !" ooookkkkaaayyyy.. I have to take the points on this one. Its too good to pass up. Indy is too banged up.

NYJ vs Miami -1 - "Mom, can we go to SeaWorld again?" Does that mean you like the Dolphins Meg? "I LOVE Dolphins mom". This might be the only time we see Miami GIVING points but I like them to win this one, so Im going with Meg on that one.

San Deigo vs KC +4 - "San Diego because they have that guy with the big earrings I want" (Im assuming she means LT). I'm going to take San Diego and the earrings too.

Seattle vs Eagles -3 - "Eagles cause we beat them and they're gonna be sooooo maaaadddd". I'll agree with that statement and give up the 3.

San Fran vs Carolina -3 - "Ill take those 4 , 9 guys. (giggling) Look mom, that other team looks like snowball, " (giggle giggle) -  (Snowball is our black cat - dont ask about the name, its a whole other blog for another day). Sorry Meg, Im going to take Snowball and give up the 3. Those 4 - 9 guys are really really bad.

Browns vs Ariz -1.5 "I don't like this one, you pick this one" - Megan, just pick one, close your eyes and pick one. "No. I don't want to. Can I go watch Spongebob now?" Ok ok, I will pick this one, we only have a couple left and then I will put on Fear of a Craby Patty ok ? - I'll take the Browns and the points. Not for any reason other than I like the Browns. Always have.

Denver vs Oakland +3.5 "Oh my god mom, how many teams are horses here?" I'm laughing and thinking, a better question my little one is how many teams are horses arses this year. Meg takes Denver. I disagree I will take the Raiders and the points.

Tampa Bay vs NO -3 - "Pirates Caribbean!" Alrighty then, I disagree sweet pea, Im taking the Saints and happily give the points.

NYG vs Chicago +2 - "The New York Giants? Is that the same place as the Yankees? I don't like them - I pick the bears" Well technically Meg, they're actually the New Jersey Giants. They don't actually play in New York. "don't care, I like the bears - we saw one in our yard remember? I like bears - can I watch Spongebob now?". Sigh. Almost done honey. I'm agreeing, I will take the bears and the points.

Cinc. vs Pittsburgh -7 - "Do you like the Pitt-burg team mommy?" Depends who they are playing honey, which one do  you want to pick ? "Do you like them playing this team". Yes Meg, I like Pittsburgh when they play Cincinnatti just not when they play the Patriots. "Then I like them to play this team too". Im going to assume that means shes taking the Steelers. I am too. I think they win by 10-14 pts

New England vs Baltimore -20 - "Mom, If I say Baltimore what happens" (and she's backing away from me laughing hysterically. I start to grab her and tickle her and say "You say Baltimore and you're going to bed after supper you little rat "OK, Patriots - NOW can I watch Spongebob?"..Yes go on in and get comfy and I'll be there in a minute.

So there you have it. If she wins more games straight up than I do against the spread, she gets a "barn" for the ponies. Then I take her to Vegas for Christmas :-)

Gotta go put the video on. See you all tomorrow.


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