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We had another great week of blogs this week at Babes Beer and Sports. If you haven't checked us out yet, you need to stop in and see the why we're the only Fannation group that comes up when you google "Fannation". Because we're the best. This week our bloggers covered all sorts of sports topics, and here's a sampling:


UBP - 

So let's talk about some recent trends in sports related to fines. First I think the NBA is insane for fining or giving out Ts for arguing. If you touch or berate an official, OK. Fine or suspend them. But if you're just pleading your case, what the heck is wrong with that? What's next, a T for pointing out that someone is fouling you? I'm thinking it's time for Stern to go and get some fresh thinking in here. It's not like he's eliminated the thugishness in the NBA! Next up, Bynum get a 5 game suspension that's going to cost him over $700,000. I don't have a problem with that. He took a cheap shot on a defenseless player, in the air that could have ended his season. All while the Lakers were out of it! There's no place for goons in sports. Do you want your sons or grandsons seeing that and thinking it's acceptable? I don't, even if Barea wasn't on my team!



mv2121 -

It's another great weekend for the Red Sox and Yankees and yes, I'm feeling great about my beloved Red Sox with two consecutive series wins over the Evil Empire. Can they take all 3 games amidst the Jorge Posada situation? For those of you outside of the New York-Boston rivalry, Jorge Posada and his manager (and predecessor behind the plate) continue their unabashed disdain towards one another when Joe Girardi had Posada penciled in as the number 9 hitter in the lineup. The allegedly led to an exchange between the two, with Jorge pulling himself out of the game with apparent "back spasms," conveniently tweeted by the very hot Mrs. Posada during the game. While the Yankees did pull an about face during the course of last night's game by re-stating that Posada was pulled from the lineup due to back issues, Hal Steinbrenner already confirmed prior that the Yankees had contacted the MLB offices to determine their level of recourse, which includes possibly attempting to terminate the remainder of his contract. Wait, what??? One of the cornerstones of the franchise could potentially have his contract terminated because had a disagreement with him manager? Of course, he is batting .197 as their designated hitter, which is certainly not helping the Yankees during this 4-game skid. I'm not sure how exactly the Yankees should be handling their legends when the game begins to pass them by, but this isn't it???
What's going to happen in New York when "The Captain" Derek Jeter slips below .200, becomes a defensive liability and Girardi's forced to bench one of the greatest Yankees...potentially during the pursuit to 3,000 hits? Wait...shouldn't Girardi sit him now? He's already a defensive liability - great if you hit the ball right at him but don't make him move for the ball! Just kidding Evil Empire fans, it's to easy to kick when he's down. But let's not kid ourselves, he's not been impressive at the plate (aside from a few home runs, I'm not seeing the plate patience and awareness that has made him someone I've respected during the years of this rivalry), and he is lacking defensively. New York is fortunate to have Cano and his awesome fielding talents, but he's getting spread too thin having to compensate for the other side of the center-infield. While the Posada situation may be rooted in the disdain / rivalry between two foundations in Yankee catching history (Posada and Girardi), we've already witnessed the groundwork for a messy breakup between Derek Jeter and the Yankees (case in point: the offseason contract negotiations between Jeter and the club). This new era of Steinbrenners aren't shying away from using the media as a tool to stir controversy. It's not something you'd see from Epstien and Francona in Boston. There will come a time when Ortiz doesn't get resigned by the Red Sox, and we'll end up sending him out with dignity.



Kagan McDuff - 

And what about the team that just dismantled the Lakers and sent them home crying like little girls who just had their Hello Kitty notebooks thrown in a puddle? Dirk Nowitzki is the same age as Kobe, and has actually been playing pro ball (albeit the first few years in Europe) since he was 16 - even longer than the kid named after the delicious Japanese steak. With a prolonged lockout costing a season, it's not inconceivable that he could bail back to Europe and keep himself sharp, but is that really a good thing at his age? Jason Kidd is one of the oldest players in the league, and lockout or not, this is almost surely the last time we'll get to watch him, still doling out over 8 assists a game at age 38. What do the Mavericks look like on this November 2012 day? Definitely not exactly the same team that today sits one series away from being in the Finals. While a young team like Oklahoma City may come back from their involuntary vacation relatively unscathed, teams like the Mavericks and Spurs might see their longtime strangleholds at the top of the Western standings become distant memories of yesteryear.


chitwn - 

***Too much or too little***

In baseball there are teams with too many titles like the Yankees and teams with very few titles like the Cubs, LOL. You have teams with too much talent like the Red Sox and teams with very little talent like the Tampa Rays. In Chicago we have 2 totally different type of coaches. We have Ozzie Guillen who never saw a mic he did't like, LOL. Too Much Mouth? We also have Lovie Smith who couldn't come out and back his quarterback after the kid had been beat to hell all year and couldn't go no more. Too Little mouth?

These are just some of the highlights from this last week.  To see the full blogs, great pics and even better commentary, all you have to do is fanmail one of the members for an invite.  It's free, easy and takes less than 2 minutes!

May 17, 2011  11:19 AM ET

Another good week of discussions!

May 17, 2011  11:30 PM ET

Nice job Kagan. I have gotten a handful of requests so far.

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You saw the balloonknot?


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