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Got this idea from some other comments here and there, as well as from a couple of TDs. Here, I'll post the most Loved/Hated people in sports. NOTE: This is from a fan's perspective, not the players or coaches (sorry Casey). Also, I'm not counting Vick in this argument due to the fact of his recent, well, we'll go with absence from the sports word. Agree or disagree, just leave me some comments:

Most Loved:

Football: Brett Favre- Everyone outside of the NFC North loves the guy. Maybe it's his toughness? Or his energy? Possibly the records? Maybe the old shool style? Whatever it is, until the day he retires, Favre will be the most beloved man in football.

Basketball: Steve Nash- I'm not sure about most loved (I know some of you can't stand him), but probably the least hated. His persona of a "Pass first- pass later" might have something to do with it- we don't see that type of unselfishness anymore. Nash, who truly is a great player, has got to be the number 1 here.

Baseball: Ken Griffy Jr- This, to me, is for a few different reasons. One is that most people truly feel sorry for him because of how great of a player he couldv'e been. Another reason might be how quietly he's climbing up the ladder in HR. Still another reason could be the fact that he seems to just be out there because he loves the game. Whatever it is, Griffey takes this one.

Hockey: This is a tough one (not being the biggest hockey fan), but I'm going to go with Mike Modano. Not many people dislike this guy- and he has been great his entire career. Maybe it's because of the whole American pride thing that we cheer for this guy.

Soccer: Another tough one, but I'm going to go with Steven Gerrard. Everyone respects him for how great of a Mid he is, plus how much he has meant to Liverpool and Enland in general. Great player- but not ever trying to be the star.

Most Hated:

Football: Tom Owens. I had to do it. Brady is one of the picks because, outside of New England, most people can't stand the guy. Just something about him- maybe how good he actually is, maybe how overated people think he is, or maybe it's the Patriots fans endless love for him. Whatever it is, it's Brady outside of New England. Now, my other choice is Terrel Owens. His endless talking, his uncanny knack for destroying a team, and his pure ability I think make most people hate him. Also, it may be for all of the teams he's played for. When Eagles had him, the Cowboys fans in particular hated him. Now that the Boys have him, that animosity comes from all the Eagles fans---along with pretty much everyone else outside of Texas.

Basketball: Is the whole Spurs team an option? No? Alright. I'll take Stephon Marbury. After coming of a season where he shot the ball a huge amounts of time, he comes into this season with one desire: to shoot more. Honestly, you're not even a good player anymore. So if you could just come to terms with that fact, as well as tell your Knick teamates that they're not great either, things would just be better for everyone.

Baseball: Barry Bonds. Need I say more?

Hockey: Todd Bertuzzi (spelling? don't feel like looking it up, but hopefully you guys know who I'm talking about). Has one man ever managed to piss so many fans off? Alot of people who don't follow hockey closely will remember this guy from slamming another players head into the ice. Yeah, that guy. Some more of his on the ice antics have put him into this spot.

Soccer: Christiano Ronaldo. He really took a big hit with some English fans after the whole World Cup Portugal game incident. Outside if Man U fans, most people can't stand this guys selfish play or skill. His footwoork is amazing- however, most of us would also enjoy to see you make a nice pass about 5 times a game. Too much? Alright, how about 3? 2? We'll take anything at this point.

Thanks for reading, and comments and feedback always appreciated.


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