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Ten Reasons Jordan Is Better Than Lebron

by DJ Dunson on May 31, 2011

jordan james 300x168 Ten Reasons Jordan Is Better Than Lebron

The raging debate between Lebron and Jordan has been weighed in on more times this weekend than the contestants of Biggest Loser. Never mind that Kobe Bryant still holds the deed to the NBA???s best but we don???t know where Lebron will be in five years. He could be on the verge of a five-peat or still be left standing at the NBA alter ringless. Or worse. Athletes with Lebron???s size often end up with balky knee braces and bad feet. However, unlike a certain middle aged Jamaican psychic???s hotline, I don???t have the ability to see where Lebron???s career will talk him. However, Jordan was an icon on and off the court. Here are the top 10 reasons Jordan???s shadow still eclipses Lebron???s potential.

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Dirk 201x300 Ten Reasons the Mavs Will Win The NBA Championship#10 Chris Bosh is the biggest head case in professional sports. He???s got the nerves of a 90-year old woman babysitting Bebe???s kids. If Dirk Nowitzki gets hot early, expect Bosh to struggle early.

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May 31, 2011  11:52 PM ET

maybe there are 15 reasons the heat will beat dallas..... just saying. dallas needs game two or this series won't last long.

May 31, 2011  11:56 PM ET

Good to see ya, DJ. Thanks for checking in on FN. Hope all is well.

Love the Top 10 lists. Even on the points I disagree with you on, you've slyly won me over with random analogies. Looks like you've given The Top 10s their own section on your site so I take it you're planning on doing more. Looking forward to them. I like the new overall cleaner look of your site.

Enjoy the Finals.

June 1, 2011  02:58 PM ET

Wouldnt call bosh the biggest head case in pro sprots. he's stepped it up big time in these playoffs. he took more time to adjust than wade or lebron because he is a post who doesnt have the ball in his hands all the time and going from 24 ppg and #1 option to third wheel is a huge adjustment.

June 1, 2011  02:59 PM ET

i'm not a heat fan but i cant wait to see what ppl are saying after they dispose of the mavs

June 2, 2011  10:21 AM ET

There may be 6 reasons Lebron is not better than MJ but not 10 . This guy can score , rebound , assist , block shots , defend , and shoot the 3 with the best of them . He is bigger and stronger than MJ and because of his size the refs don't give him the calls MJ got as a player . If he wins 7 or more titles like he has predicted move over MJ there will be a King and his name is Lebron James .

June 3, 2011  07:30 PM ET

Yeah, school newspaper plus classes has kept me away. Good to be back.


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