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    Kari, being a native of Illiniois, keeps her rooting interests close to home being a fan of the Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, and Chicago Bulls. To get to know her better she answered a few questions posed by the Women R US group, but you can also reach her directly at:

Okay, here we go...

Growing up, what did you want to be?
An actress. Seriously.

What is your favorite expression?
Sweet! Rock on!

What are you most proud of?
My son. Despite the challenges of parenthood, I do believe that I am raising a kind, caring, and decent little human.

In your opinion, how would the world be a better place?
Seriously, people need to be more tolerant, compassionate, and understanding.

When I turned 21...I got kicked out of a bar I had been frequenting for 2 years...long story short, they had a "Birthday Special"...I ordered it, and the bartender Joe (who had been serving me for 2 years) asked me how old I was. I told him the truth. He kicked me out and banned me from the bar he was so mad. Which was a bummer.

The secret to success is lots of hard work. Success takes blood, sweat, and tears. Every success should have a little piece of you mixed in.

People would be surprised to know:
That I am actually very shy.

All successful people need:
Passion and a great work ethic.

The best day of my life:
The day my son was born. I know everyone says it, but becoming a parent really is a life changing experience.

When I meet someone, the first thing I notice is:
The quality of their handshake and their eyes.

I am envious of:
People who don't have to worry about money.

If I could trade places for a day with one person:
It would be a QB from the NFL on gameday. I'd love to feel that adrenaline and how it feels to be living the dream, man!

My worst vice is: putting off things I dislike.

My finest athletic moment: Standing my ground at home as an opposing player was barreling toward me. We didn't like each other very much and I was determined to get her out (I was the catcher). She hit me running at full speed. I shredded my knee, tearing ligaments and tendons and cartilidge, broke my kneecap, and got a concussion...but I also got the out.

My first job was: a stockgirl at Express in the mall.

When I need to relax: I watch sports.

One thing that really gets me mad: hypocritical people.

My ideal golf foursome would be: Me, my dad, Ben Roethlisberger, and Tiger Woods.

The best advice I ever received was: Free advice is worth the price you pay.

The thing I covet most is: Financial Security

There you are, Kari is no longer a stranger. Any comments about your experiences with Kari on Fannation would be truly appreciated.


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