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What do the Knicks need to address in the draft. Draft isn't deep from what some people say, but there are a few good options at pick 17. The Knicks have the 3 and 4 spots already locked up, leaving the point, 2 guard, and center spots most likely to be addressed. Chauncey has 1 year left, Landry Fields is developing and might be better than a role player in year 2, and there is no center. I like several players, but 2 of them more than most. NIKOLA VUCEVIC from USC is one. DARIUS MORRIS from Michigan is the other. Vucevic played 3 seasons at USC as a PF and Center. He increased his scoring, rebounding, shot blocking, free throw shooting, efficiency all 3 of those years while increasing minutes. He is the same size and weight as Enes Kanter and can play center. He is European but not soft. He got about 12 boards a game. He measure in at 7' and 260. I watched his video and he has good footwork, can play in the post with a Dirk Nowitzki-esque fadeway and up and under type game. he has a great jump shot, which is something Jared Jeffries and Ronnie Turiaf don't have. He knocks them down at 15-20 feet with ease. I can see him playing pick and roll for easy layups, pick and pop on the wing for easy jumpers and scoring 12-15 points easily just taking open shots in the flow of any game if he played 20-30 minutes. He could also probably grab 7-9 boards at the NBA level. If you want to see what I'm talking about here's the link to his video and stats. The second guy I want to show you is Dareus Morris. The PG from Michigan that took them into the NCAA tournament and within a few minutes of beating Duke. This guy is a pure PG, not a tweener, something the Knicks need. Outside of Chauncey, Tony Douglass, and Andy Routins aren't getting it done. The way I see it When Billups retires, that leaves NY with no point guard of note. Maybe they get Chris Paul or Deron Williams,but why bank on that? A cheaper alternative is getting someone to groom now, that can start when Billups retires that might be a budding star themselves. If its not Tony Douglass, its this guy, Darius Morris. He measured in at 6'5 and 190. He did 12 bench reps which is as much as some PF's and centers. He also increased his scoring average, assists, assists to turn overs, and overall efficiecy. He averaged 15 ppg and about 7 assists per game. Anyone who is averaging 7 assists in a 40 minute slower paced college system is a winner. He's a big point guard in the mold of Chauncey Billups, and can learn under him. He can also create his own shot and is an excellent floor general, which is something Tony Douglas is streaky at, and not really built for. The link for him can is posted below. That was the long, here's the short of it. The Knicks have one pick, but need both these guys. Both are expected to be draft ala draft express and somewhere around selection 17 in round 1 through pick 10 in round 2. That being said, the Knicks need to pull the trigger and outright buy a draft pick which they did a few years ago to get pick #30 in the first round. Chicago owns picks 30 and 31 in the first and may be willing to sell one to the Knicks for cash and a future 2nd rounder. Knicks get Vucevic first with pick 17 they can use him in a variety of roles, part time center, and back up PF behind Amare. I've heard rumors that they may use free agent exception on a center like Samuel Dalembert. Vucevic could back up both spots and get 20 minutes a game. If they can acquire a second pick they can use it on Darius Morris who is a big PG who can be the replacement to Chauncey Billups. He can back up Billups as Tony Douglass is best suited as a 2 guard sparkplug 6th man who can distribute. If Morris is good they can keep him or use him as a trade chip for Chris Paul or Deron Williams after the following season. With this draft in place the team has addressed the PG, SF, PF, and center spots and can give Landry Fields another season to develop with Tony Douglas backing him up for minutes as well as at the PG spot for depth. Another year to gel, and with more rebounding from Vucevic and Dalembert, we have addressed scoring, rebounding, and shot blocking while not taking away from the core of the team. These are just the ramblings of a pocket GM though. Hope I'm right.
June 10, 2011  04:48 AM ET

If you could've spaced this out a bit, and made paragraphs, I might have read this.

June 12, 2011  11:22 AM ET

nah thats a lot harder than cutting and pasting from the 4 other places i put it


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