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Oso Famoso

Okay the title blows but then so will this bear with me.

LOL Cooz: Yeah, Steelercooz is the man. He has it all figured out. I mean the best way to look like a genius is to hang out with morons. What better place than FanNation to find a bigger collection, right? Cooz has always been a big fan of my blogs; especially when I sing the praises of his favorite teams the Bengals and Ravens. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck an "Intergoogle" is to this day. *Schwartz whispers to Oso* Oh, that's what the kids are calling it these days! But like I said, Cooz is a great guy. If you're going to commit to your team I say do it the Cooz way and make your own entire website. Why go half way? "Feel the Steel"? Woah buddy. That just sounds way too kinky too me, especially when NCshvDavid just licked ole Dot Matrix from Spaceballs over there for kicks. Yikes! Now I found out the Cooz just moved back to Minnesota from the great city of Philadelphia. It makes me wonder if he feels like W. C. fields, "I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday." He probably was at the Linc watching the Eagles getting smeared. Heck I know how he feels, I got out of there 10 years ago.

David: But if you think moving from Philly to MN is bad, how about old professor NCshvDavid. Poor guy was living in Moonshine alley in the Carolinas and had to move to Shreveport. He's so proud of where he lives that he puts three little letters in the middle of his name. It's sort of like a mumble when you ask someone a question, "Where are you from" David: "I'm originally from NC, but I'm here in sunny shv...mumble mumble." Whazzat? But I'm joking of course. David's a great guy. His parents were real fond of him. Mom used to feed 'em with a slingshot. For Christmas he once got him a radio and toaster...for bath toys.

Schwartz: But I won't pound on Shreveport. I mean it's the finest place to go gambling or catch a show. Of course what happens in Shreveport doesn't always stay there. Because why else would my friend Schwartz have to go from such a fine venue like Louisiana to the bucolic sites of Iraq. I mean talk about your vacation hot spots. Still, he got to meet some great people over there. I heard he got to meet the Surgeon General at one point. The only thing I can't figure out is why he offered Schwartzy a cigarette. Go figure. Let me tell you Schwartz gets to do some great things over there from what I hear. Why he helped lay concrete for a sidewalk over there. Only thing is when he went to write his name in the mush he felt another hand at the bottom. Tough country! Let me tell ya, it's so tough that Schwartz told me everytime he closes a window in Iraq he breaks some hands and feet! In all seriousness I'm glad we got to roast our pal here. He is one of the many brave men and women serving our country. For that I'm thankful. May we all keep our soldiers, police, and firefighters in our thoughts and prayers. Keep it safe all through April Schwartz, so you and David can discuss the virtues or lack thereof of all the SEC teams while you get liquored up at Horseshoe Casino. Don't forget to tip your waitress! LOL


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