This is going to be a series of blogs I'll do for most, if not all, of the NBA teams. I'll list some plausible, and sometimes not plausible, scenarios and situations for each team to improve whether through the draft, free agency, or trades.


For most teams, making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs is a success. But most teams aren't the Lakers. And the Lakers didn't just lose, they got thoroughly embarrassed. They were backed against a wall and folded. Call it lack of motivation, focus, or will power, but the Lakers seemed uninterested.



The easy fix for the Lakers is to send away Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu. But while that works financially, it doesn't work for the Lakers weaknesses. What the Lakers lack is a young, athletic PG, a knock down 3-point shooter (something they haven't had in a while, not counting Vujacic).


So here's a couple different trade scenarios to get them some help


Trade 1


Lakers get - Michael Beasley, Jonny Flynn, #2 overall pick
Timberwolves get - Lamar Odom, #41, #46, #56, and #58 pick


The only way this one happens, in my opinion, is if Enes Kanter is taken #1 overall. That leaves Minnesota with the option of taking Kyrie Irving (PG) or Derrick Williams (SF), both of which they have lots of. I think they'll be looking to get rid of the pick and that leaves LA there waiting.


If this happened, LA would most likely take Irving to address the PG issue more permanently. They'd also trade away Steve Blake somewhere and bring Fisher in during only important moments.


Trade 2


Lakers get - Raymond Felton, #52 pick
Denver get - Luke Walton, Devin Ebanks, #41 pick, #56 pick


Denver has Lawson and Felton at the PG spot and Felton wasn't too happy with the idea of coming off the bench at the end of the season. In LA, he'd start and more appropriately address the PG situation. The Lakers were exposed by Westbrook, Barrea, and Kidd at the PG spot. Felton does a lot to upgrade the spot


Trade 3


Lakers get - Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, J.J. Redick
Magic get - Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Devin Ebanks


If the Lakers are going to get Dwight, the Magic are going to want to dump an extra bad contract of theirs: Arenas, Hedo, or Nelson namely. I don't see the Lakers wanting Arenas' huge contract, but they will want Nelson. Also, Redick can be a throw-in that gives them the 3-point shooting weapon.


The Magic get younger and possibly better. Bynum and Gasol give them an immediate advantage down low against almost all teams. They also have a young combo guard who has shown promise.



Free Agent Targets


(in no order)


Delonte West - When he wasn't injured, he was a solid contributor to the Celtics. He's played with Mike Brown before and can knock down the 3, something the Lakers lacked. He doesn't do much for the PG position defensively, though


TJ Ford - I could really see the Lakers getting Ford. He's a solid PG, could even step in as starter, and is someone the Lakers have reportedly coveted for a long time.



Michael Redd - A bit of a longshot, but Redd could come in LA, not have any pressure, and be the knock down shooter they need. The huge question mark is, however, the injuries. He hasn't played significant minutes in a long time. Coming off the bench might help, but the Lakers usually don't take risks like Redd


James Jones - He's price will probably be too high after his year with the Heat, but again, he's another knockdown shooter. We saw what he could do in Miami, but I'm not sure he'd succeed as much in LA with fewer double teams everywhere



NBA Draft Targets


41st pick - Norris Cole, PG, Cleveland State - Who? Well Norris Cole is a scorer and a solid all-around PG. He could come into LA and immediately crack the rotation.


46th pick - E'Twaun Moore, SG, Purdue - Not really a need, but the Lakers could use someone like Moore. He can get to the basket and score, which is someone that don't have. If Shannon Brown doesn't come back or is traded, both of which could happen, then the Lakers would need a backup 2-guard


56th pick - Scotty Hopson, G/F, Tennessee - Another wingman? Well the Lakers biggest strength is their size and they lots of it. And with Caracter being taken last year, I can't see them taking many big men this year.


58th pick - Matt Howard, PF, Butler - You can call it a homer pick but he's a smart player and can contribute to a team. If the Lakers do send away any of Gasol, Bynum, or Odom, they'll be looking to fill some of those spots. Howard can do so. He doesn't have great size or speed, but he can knock down the jumper and is an exceptionally smart player.
June 14, 2011  11:10 AM ET

Johnny Flynn!

Nice read.

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June 14, 2011  11:16 AM ET

Your trade scenario # 1 makes absolutely NO SENSE. So, we give up one of our PGs and our SF, AND THE #2???For 4 second round picks? Also, knowing that we still owe the Clippers our 1st rounder from next year?I thought you stayed away from drinking and drugs, Rude....

I don't know if you're aware, but David Kahn runs your franchise, and he is far, far from a genius

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June 14, 2011  11:23 AM ET

Free Agency sucks this year, especially when Delonte West is one of the headliners.Acquiring Felton would be huge, but I can't imagine Denver agreeing to that lopsided of a deal.

Felton nearly asked out once traded there last season and I can't see him wanting to see. Both Walton and Barnes come off the books next year and they'll free up cap space for Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, etc

June 14, 2011  12:15 PM ET

The only trade I could see happening is the Magic deal. The rest don't stand a chance.

June 14, 2011  12:17 PM ET

Odom and 41st for Calderon.
Barnes, a 1st, and 58th for Calderon.
Artest, a 1st, 41st, and 58th for Calderon.

June 14, 2011  12:31 PM ET

Ricky Rubio.

June 14, 2011  12:33 PM ET

Nice. I think Ford would be a decent pickup but FN would disagree.

June 14, 2011  12:42 PM ET

Odom and 41st for Calderon.ORBarnes, a 1st, and 58th for Calderon.ORArtest, a 1st, 41st, and 58th for Calderon.

None those are good trades

June 14, 2011  01:35 PM ET

Trade 3 is absolutly terrible for the Lakers.
Trade 1 is bad but not as bad as trade 3
Trade 2 isn't bad but as a Laker fan I'd much rather have Lawson.

Either way with trade 2 I believe they need a young PG to take over in Fishers spot.

I would trade Artest and derek fisher for a young point guard. Like Lawson or Stephan Curry

June 14, 2011  02:02 PM ET

I think you're really onto something with Norris Cole. I watched him a lot this year since he played in the Horizon League, and in my opinion he is the most underrated player in the draft. He'll be solid wherever he goes.

June 14, 2011  02:05 PM ET

This is ridiculous.

June 14, 2011  02:23 PM ET

None those are good trades

Calderon is just what the doctor ordered up for the Lakers.

With no more triangle, they might want an actual PG.
Great friends with Gasol, and can get him going.
Calderon is one of, if not the best, at distributing the ball with little turnovers. He has great vision and passing skills.
Calderon can shoot the ball with the best of them when he is on.

June 14, 2011  03:14 PM ET

Calderon is just what the doctor ordered up for the Lakers.With no more triangle, they might want an actual PG.Great friends with Gasol, and can get him going.Calderon is one of, if not the best, at distributing the ball with little turnovers. He has great vision and passing skills.Calderon can shoot the ball with the best of them when he is on.

You're focusing one one end of the court.

June 14, 2011  04:43 PM ET

Who the **** would want Luke Walton? lmao

I thought he was an expiring contract. God the Lakers have awful contracts

June 14, 2011  05:21 PM ET

You're focusing one one end of the court.

His defense is average, but he has never been on a team that emphasizes defense, and has never been stressed to play D. All the Raptors teams he played on played zero D, and have had no coaching on D. I think Mike Brown can turn him into a solid defender.

June 14, 2011  05:52 PM ET

Those first 2 trades are jokes, right?

June 15, 2011  09:18 PM ET

Those first 2 trades are jokes, right?

Every team need a Luke Walton.


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