A TD yesterday about who the Heat would be more likely to trade, LeBron or Bosh, spawned a lot of debate about the Heat's offseason. And after that embarrassing final 4 games of the Finals, it should.


But was the Heat season a disappointment. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a hater of the Heat. I hate the way the Heat came together, I hate the way they got upset they were hated, I just hate everything about them. But when listing out expectations for the season, most thought a title was out of reach. So why, once they made it to the Finals, are people considering the year unsuccessful.



In the end, if Wade, LeBron, and Bosh go about next year right, this season should provide a lot of fuel to their fire. They learned a lot of lessons and can only grow from here.


As for the offseason, well they have a lot of retooling to do...


2011 Free Agents
Mario Chalmers
Mike Bibby
Erick Dampier
Eddie House (P)
Juwan Howard
Zydrunas Ilgauskas (P)
James Jones (P)
Jamaal Magloire


The Heat also have zero expiring contracts for 2012, making trades next to impossible. I think the Heat bring back James Jones for sure (or at least they should) and possibly Eddie House, but the rest might be fair game. None of those listed outside of Bibby played significant minutes late in the postseason.


As for Chalmers, I think someone is going to offer him more money than the Heat can afford. He proved in the Finals he can be a contributor on a winning team. He'd be a great backup PG in somewhere like, say LA?


The few players they do have left could create some interesting trades....


(as a side note: all trades worked and were created through NBA trade machine)


Trade 1


Heat get - Josh Smith, Jeff Teague
Hawks get - Chris Bosh


Now, before you say anything, allow me to explain.


Someone is going to take the blame for this season and I don't forsee them placing it on LeBron. Bosh struggled for too much of the season and could be the odd man out.


The Hawks are a team stuck in the middle of the pack right now. For the past 4 years, they've been a playoff team, but nothing more than a one or two and done. They could be looking for a shake-up.


The Hawks would take this because Bosh is a player that gives Horford room to work and can hit that mid-range jumper. Bosh would also be under far less pressure in ATL than in MIA.


The Heat get a PG to help shore up that spot and also a PF who is much, much better defensively than Bosh and can help them down low.


Do I think it'll happen? No. But if it does, this one makes sense


Trade 2


Heat get - Chris Paul
Hornets get - LeBron James


Again, an unrealistic trade, but I don't think Miami will make any trades so give me a break.


The Big 3 of Paul, Wade, and Bosh would work FAR better than the current one. If LeBron crumbles under the pressure of this year and decides he needs out of Miami, this could be one of the offers. Chris Paul doesn't seem to content on staying in New Orleans and they would never get a better offer than this.


Again, won't happen, but given the small chance it does, it makes sense





Yao Ming - Wait, Yao Ming? If he doesn't retire, he'll be a free agent this year. His time in Houston is done and he's just looking for some scrap minutes here and there. Enter Miami, who is looking for center by committee, most likely. With Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem coming back, Yao wouldn't need to play extended minutes and could follow the "24 minutes per game rule" he established this year.


Nene - Like any other player they'll sign, they'll need to convince them to take a major pay cut. If they can, then Nene would be a huge signing. He's a physical low-post presence and would be a starter from day one. However, he put up his best numbers of his career last year and I doubt Miami can afford him


T.J. Ford - Another PG option that could really work for them. He's an underrated guard and had a great playoff series against Derrick Rose. I'm not sure Indiana will let him leave, but if they do, Miami has got to go after him hard


Goran Dragic - Just 1 year ago, Dragic was spinning and cutting his way through LA's defense in the conference Finals. Now, he's a restricted FA with the Rockets, but I don't see them wanting to keep him. If he comes to Miami, it'd be a huge pick-up for them.





31st pick - Nolan Smith, PG, Duke - This is a very PG heavy draft this year, much to the chagrin of the Heat. Despite only having one pick, they can pick up a player of Smith's level who can come in and be a contributor on this team.





In the end, I think the Heat have some work to do. I don't think they'll trade away any of the Big 3, and I don't think they'll make any trades, simply because they don't have tradable assets. They need to keep Chalmers and Jones as it's going to start creating some continuity and experience. This team is going to be moving a lot of players through, but keeping a core group together is a wise idea. If they can afford any of the FA I listed, they'd all be great pick-ups for them.


The Heat got close this year, but in reality, they have a LOT of work to do before they get over the hump
June 15, 2011  09:52 AM ET

Very well done Rude.

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June 15, 2011  12:43 PM ET

Yao wants to stay in Houston

Yao brings Houston in millions every year from China. His salary is paid for by the Chinese merchandise 10x over.

June 15, 2011  12:43 PM ET

Dragic will be a great pickup.

June 15, 2011  12:48 PM ET

this is all gonna come down to the cba and if they implement a hard cap..if they do start with a hard cap and dont have a grandfather clause the heat make be forced to do some creative trading to get a legit point guard and role players...but they are in a good position to rebuild their bench, too bad they have no picks to get some cheap rookie talent they are going to have to rely on vets looking to do the infamous ride off into the sunset with a ring

June 15, 2011  01:00 PM ET

Yao brings Houston in millions every year from China. His salary is paid for by the Chinese merchandise 10x over.

same with dice k in boston...he had spots of good but otherwise a bust

June 15, 2011  01:45 PM ET

Yao wants to stay in Houston

I'm not sure if Houston wants Yao

June 15, 2011  01:46 PM ET

Chalmers a backup in LA? He's better than a 94 year old Fisher.

June 15, 2011  03:53 PM ET

I'm not sure if Houston wants Yao

I'm not sure Yao can even still play

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June 16, 2011  02:54 PM ET

2 wins from Champions. Fix what?

means they get nothing besides a horrible draft pick....oh wait they traded all they draft picks to be handcuffed with giant contracts from 2 of 3 "big 3 egos"

June 17, 2011  04:13 PM ET

lebron or wade being traded is not an option many think they'd consider. as much as most want to believe.... this team is going to be playing in june for yrs to come.


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