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                I was going to make a quick message board post. But lets see the bruins. I watched nearly every game this year and thought maybe they could go to the finals. Flat out the canucks choked. Roberto Luongo should never be trusted in the playoffs. But being a true bruins fan i thought they were going to lose in rd 1 and 2. Thought they were going to choke till horton scored in ot vs the habs. Thought they could win the ecf. Watching every game was hell. I felt like i was about to puke. Nothing was easy for them.

Quick season recap/last few years: I watched the 1st 2 games in Finland. Thought what the hell they need to score. Then after the second game I thought if Nathan Horton scored like that the bruins would make the ecf. Then into the season i thought no ***** way this team was going to do anything. The entire season i heard fire Claude. Hes never won a game 7. Get ride of Thomas the past 2 years hes over paid.

Sorry im so negative im a Boston sports fan. I grew up with the red sox having not won since 1918 and the bruins haven't won since the 72s. And ppl hating on the owner for petty stuff over the years. The sky is falling in radio was 2004 red sox.

Got into the bruins watching them on old upn 38 when i had to be like 7 or 8. Then after the lockout they dropped the ball and let every one walk. Then they traded Joe Thornton and they were the laughing stock of boston. I wouldn't of went to a game if the tickets weren't free. They sucked only guy they have left from that team was Tim Thomas and Bergy.

Got back into them when they were the 8th seed 3 years ago. Cause only on radio show on a rock station called toucher and rich had aaron ward on weekly and he was pretty damn interesting. Cause the only sports radio station didnt care about them.

Whats left. Im not going to talk about last year (flyers). Bruins won the damn cup. I still don't believe it sorry i rambled on ppl. 

It kinda feels like the 1st team the pats won the superbowl as underdogs. 

June 16, 2011  12:43 AM ET

Congrats to the Bruins and their fanbase.

They played a far better brand of playoff hockey than the Canucks did and the B's deserve the win.

June 16, 2011  12:45 AM ET

Did u see them burning stuff in Vancouver?

June 16, 2011  01:34 AM ET

Omg i never loled so much before.

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June 18, 2011  12:23 AM ET

Yo I miss your comments on my blog. I miss Send me your email addy ( & see you on Twitter lol


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