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Only 88 days still spring training! YAY! Anyway, the rumors are still flying around like crazy. Some of them have made sense, some haven't. The trades have been scattered around, with even the Devil Rays...oh excuse me...the Rays(dumbest name ever) making a big move for pitching, which was a very good deal for both the Rays and Twins. So with every team in the hunt for everything, we start with the talks:


Yankees and Red Sox Play Chicken With Santana- This rumor is changing everyday. And today it has changed for the worst. At least in my eyes. The Yankees have put Phil Hughes, the guy who they once said was untouchable and a future superstar, on the table for the Twins to mull over. You have to look at this from both point-of-views. If I'm the Twins, I'm taking this deal. You have Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and 1 or possibly even 2 more prospects. And those prospects will also be top notch. This has been what the Twins were asking for. And you can't blame them. This is the best pitcher in baseball we're talking about.

Now you have the Yanks who, because of this recent upping of the ante, are now the leaders of the race for Santana. Brain Cashman has done a great job rebuilding the farm system and keeping his young studs for the future. Hughes could become just as good as Santana for less money. He doesn't even have to be that good. But he has the potential. Melky is a pesky hitter who could develop some power and he's a very good OFer. The Yankees have done a great job of keeping their youth. I know what you might say. "Well, this is the best pitcher in baseball! You wouldn't want him?" I would love to have him, but not at the cost of all that young talent. Add the fact that Santana is probably gonna be a FA at the end of the 2008 season.

The Red Sox are still in this thing too. The big difference factor with this situation is the addition of Jacoby Ellsbury. The Twins want him. The Red Sox said they will not give him up. Coco Crisp, or better known as "the guy the Red Sox really want to get rid of and can't find any takers for", has gotten no interest from the Twins. It seems like the Red Sox are just trying to get the Yanks to burn their fam system. And it seems like it's working.I will say this, if the Red Sox do get Johan they are winning the WS. I don't care how good you can hit, you ain't beating the 1-2 punch of Johan/Beckett in a playoff series.

To end this, whoever gets Santana will be alot better right now. But in the long term, it's a huge gamble.


Aaron Rowand Pool Is Crowded...- Aaron Rowand is a very wanted player. It makes sense. He hit .309 last year with 29 HRs, he is a great defender, and he's the classic gritty, tough team player. The Phillies are still trying to get a deal done with him. But Rowand doesn't like the deal on the table. It's not the money, it's the amount of years. The White Sox, Dodgers, Nats(that's right, the Nats), and the Yankees. I can see the Yanks getting him if they trade Melky. Or if they decide to trade Damon, which is what they should do. I think this move is for the Dodgers to make. The Dodgers signed Joe Torre, but they have been way too quiet. They need some power and some vetaren presence that isn't old and washed up. The thing about Rowand is you have to remember his offensive stats were probably inflated by the ballpark he hit in. Last year was by far the best year he ever had. Still a good player though. The Dodgers should take it.

Mets Still Lurking- The Mets traded their once huge prospect, the one who was once drawing comparisons to Willie Mays, to the Nats for a catcher and a back-up OFer. Things have changed fast. The trade bait the Mets still have for pitching is still pretty good. They have Pelfrey, Heilman, Humber, and Gomez. Maybe even Gotay. Haren would give the team the young ace they need in the worst way. Blanton would give them the #2/#3 starter which they could also use. Either way, the Mets need young arms.

Angels Getting Upset!- The Marlins are shopping Miguel Cabrera. But they are asking a truck load of talent from the Angels, who are the heavy bidder in this auction. The Marlins want 2 starters in addition to Howie Kendrick and Jeff Mathis. Reggie Willits and Ervin Santana have been thrown in the mix. Lets say the trade goes down like this:

Angels- Miguel Cabrera

Marlins- Ervin Santana, Reggie Willits, Howie Kendrick, and Jeff Mathis

The Angels could move Chone Figgins to 2B and than sign Eckstein for SS. The Angels have more young pitcher to take over for Santana.

Astros Looking At Matsui To Replace Biggio- Houston needs a 2B and Kaz Matsui is available. So naturally, the Astros are very interested. And it appears as the Astros are the favorite to land him. The Astros are a weird team. But getting Matsui makes sense. They need some guys who hit for AVG and can steal some bags. Matsui can do both. The Cubs and Rockies have been in the mix, but the Astros need him more than the Cubs or Rockies. Good move, if the deal isn't large. 2 or 3 years sounds right.

And now some little quick ones-

Marcus Giles Could Be Headed To Seattle- He's alot like Adrian Beltre. He has power but Ks alot and he'll probably be way overpaid. But the Mariners want to move Jose Lopez so they need a 2B.

Rockies Needing Vets- The Rockies need some experienced pitching. They are now looking at Brett Tomko. And Matt Clement. Clement has stuff, just hasn't shown it in a while.

Latroy Hawkins- Alot of teams want this guy. Why? I really don't know. The Tigers seem a possiblity. They need some bullpen help. I would never take Latroy Hawkins. At the scent of pressure, he implodes.

That's it. I'm done.


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