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Well, based on this season. I did this for about the first 4 weeks and now I will start it back up. Top 10. Must have played at least 8 games.

1. Adrian Peterson- Do I even need an explanation for this one? He missed two games and still leads the NFL in rushing yards. He will come back huge and continue to prove he is the best RB in the NFL. Broke the rushing record for a game, averages 120 rushing yards per game, and 8 touchdowns.

2. Brian Westbrook- He has the most fantasy points of all RBs and he missed a game! He has about 150 total yards per game and he IS the Philly Eagles. In 10 games he has 10 total touchdowns and has been extremely consistent.

3. Ladanian Tomlinson- Well, he announced his "soon" retirement two days ago. "Nov 28 Mike Sullivan, of the North County Times, reports San Diego Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson said he is likely to play no more than five more seasons after 2007. " but that doesnt matter. We talking about this year. He has acctually been pretty average. 79 yards a game and only 9 touchdowns though 11 games. The problem is, he is still up among the league leaders in fantasy points and he had a 50 point game. Edges out Addai by the slimmest margin that you can imagine.

4. Joesph(ina) Addai- LSU!!!!! I drafted him OVER Frank Gore, people laughed. I drafted him OVER Larry Johnson, people laughed. I won't trade him unless Brady and AD are involved, people laugh. But who is laughing now!? Joseph has led my franchise to another great season with an 8-4 start, but lets get back to his game. Joseph has played in 10 games and has 11 touchdowns. He hasn't really had a huge game, but he has never had a bad game and has played consistently throughout the entire year. Addai has about 110 total yards a game and 87 rushing yards a game. He has either had a TD or 100 yards in 8 of his 10 games.

5. This is the first tough choice I have had to make. I wanna go Clinton Portis, but he is way too inconsistent and has 4 fumbles. I will go with WILLIS MCGAHEE.

Why no Willie Parker? 2 total touchdowns. He can have all the yards he wants but can't be this high when you get about 10 fantasy points per game. McGahee is one of the 2 Ravens I like, the other is McNair. 101 total yards per game and 7 total touchdowns in a very slow year for RBs gets him the #5 spot.

6. Clinton Portis- Gotta hate the inconsistency and the fumbles, but 99 total yards a game and 6 touchdowns in 5 different games needs some sort of a shout out. Steelers' fans don't get impatient, we are talking FANTASY here and Portis has 14 more points than Parker which is basically a game and a half's work.

7. Jamal Lewis- I AM NOT BEING A HOMER!!!! Just yesterday I admitted that the Jaguars are better than my Browns. Listen here, the guy has the 7th most fantasy points right in front of Portis. While it is true he had 200 yards in a game and 4 TDs in a game, those were two different games! So he had 2 insane breakout games and 8 averrage games. He has 8 TDs this season.

8. Marshawn Lynch- He played 9 games, but still has 6 touchdowns and has 83 yards per game rushing. 96 total yards a game is only 7 away from Willie Parker and he still has 4 more TDs so calm down Steelers' fans!!

9. Edgerrin James- Who would've "thunk" it? 6 touchdowns and 83 total yards a game. He still has 7 more fantasy points than Willie Parker who may just not appear on this list. James started off great and then cooled off a bit but he is still good enough for #9.

10. Marion Barber III- He would be top 3 if he wasn't splitting time. This guy is a GREAT runner and is very physical with the ball. He is 6th in fantasy points and only dropped because of his inconsistency (not his fault though, sometimes they give Jones all of the carries and sometimes Barber takes controll of the Cowboys' running game. 8 total touchdowns and 66 rushing yards per game. Combine that with his 16 receiving yards per game and you have a nice 82 total yards per game.

What does Yahoo's rankings have to say about all this?


1. Brian Westbrook

2. LaDanian Tomlinson

3. Joseph Addai

4. Adrian Peterson

5. Willis McGahee

6. Marion Barber III

7. Jamal Lewis

8. Clinton Portis

9. Ronnie Brown (since this list requires an 8 game min. he is replaced with Marshawn Lynch.)

10. Reggie Bush





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