Ok so here is my take on why Tim Tebow should win the Heisman Trophy this year...

1. He's the only player in NCAA football history to pass for 20TDs and rush for 20TDs...he has 29 passing TDs and 22 rushing TDs...for a combined total of 51TDs...thats amazing...i know most people would also add that its against SEC defenses...but who really cares what defenses you play against...if you can account for 51TDs in single season against Div.I opponents..thats amazing, no matter who you are.

2. People also say that his stats are inflated because of games againt Western Kentucky (7-5), Troy (8-4), and Florida Atlantic (7-5)...my argument to that is that all of these teams are bowl eligible and have above .500 records...whereas McFadden and Arkansas played FIU (0-11), Troy (8-4), N.Texas (2-9), UT-Chatt.(2-9) and he only put up 61 yards rushing on FIU. so if youre going to say that Tebows stats are inflated in those games, then you have to say the same for McFadden.

3. Yes, McFadden had a great game against LSU and SC...but he hasnt had the most consistent year, whereas Tebow has been consistent week in and week out and hasnt had one bad game this season, yea you can say the game against Georgia wasnt his best, but it wasnt bad. And also did everyone just happen to forget mcfaddens 3 fumbles (yea only one was lost, but still everyone seems to forget that) in the 1st half against LSU?? The award goes to the most outstanding player during that season...not just over the course of a few games. McFadden has been in and out of the Heisman talk, whereas Tebow has been considered for it the whole season. Consistency is key..and Tebow has that.

4. People cant say that he shouldnt win it because the Gators have three losses...if thats the case then McFadden shouldnt be considered because Arkansas seems to have four losses...and from what i know this isnt a team award..its an award for the most outstanding player. i mean yea the team has to be somewhat good, but its not always just offense that losses game, defense can lose them too...or vis versa. Also that sophomore excuse is also crap.

5. i dont really understand how people can say that Tebow caused the Gators to lose 3 games...a teams offense can score all day long, but if the defense cant stop the other team from scoring, then most of the time it comes down to who gets the ball last. also the gators have only had to punt for a combined 9 times in all 3 of the losses. so obviously the offense w/ tebow is producing and is not being stopped very many times,its not him thats causing them to lose its the defense who cant  give them any help. and also tebow hasnt thrown for more than one INT in a game.

yea i would love it if Tebow wins it, but i wouldnt be disappointed if McFadden won it, hes an amazing player,  i just dont see how some people can not have Tebow in the top 2. so thats my explanation as to why Tim Tebow should win the Heisman...oh yea...and Go Gators!


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