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All right, these are my picks for this years AL Silver Sluggers Awards to go along with my other award blog. I will probably get the NL one done later.


I think the pretty obvious player here is Alex Avilia . He leads every AL Catcher in BA, OBP, SLG, and RBI's. He is second or third in hits and runs and he is also in fifth in homeruns. That is top 5 in pretty much every category.

I also think that Russell Martin of the New York Yankees and Carlos Santana of the Cleveland Indians should get a shout out because of there great play. Even though they do not come close to Avilia in contact. They are two of the best power hitting catchers in the league.

First Basemen

I think that this should be a very close race but in the end I have to take Adrian Gonzalez over Miguel Cabrera. They both have had outstanding years but Gonzo is leading and every category other then OBP and BB's.

I know that Cabrera has to play in a pitcher ballpark and has less at bats but Gonzalez has constantly performed even when his team was bad at the beginning of the season. I think that this will be a very close race with Gonzalez getting the nudge at the end.

Second Basemen

I think this may be the most dificult decision because Kinsle, Pedroia, Kendrick, Zobrist Cano are all so close together in every category. I have to pick Robinson Cano because he has the second best BA and a pretty good OBP. He also is first in SLG.

I think that the thing that really puts above the other is his power which is 5 more then the closest 2nd baseman. I think that Kendrick will come very close but his lack of homeruns will keep him out of the running

Third Basemen

As much as I hate to say it, I think I am going to have to go with another Red Sock with Kevin Youkilis over Beltre and Rodriguez. Youkilis may not have the greatest BA but he makes up with it by having the best OBP out of third basemen.

He also is tied in first with Beltre in RBI's and 4th in HR's but he is first doubles by four. I think this is a very close battle between Youk and ARod but I think that Youk should be able to edge out ARod in the end.


I think that this award will go to Asdrubal Cabrera over Jhonny Peralta. Peralta has the lead in BA in OBP but he has far less AB. Cabrera leads in a commanding way in R, H, 2B, and SB and has the lead in HR's and RBI's.

I think another contender for this award is Hardy from the Orioles who is doing about the same thing as Peralta and should also get recondition. I think Cabrera being the fan favorite and his stats should put him over the top.

I cannot help to not put this video up

Right Field

I think this one is probably the easiest choice that I have to make. Jose Bautista showed that last year was not a fluke and is on the track to beat his marks from last year. I think nobody can really compare to Bautista this year

For some stats, he leads the RF's in OBP, AVG, HR's, SLG, and BB. Again this is a pretty easy choice for me. Bautista all the way

Center Field

I have to go with the Yankee over the Red Sock this time. Curtis Granderson has had a amazing season and I have to put him over Ellsbury. The reason? Well we know that Granderson will probably get his .280 BA up to about .290-300 by the end of the season and his HR number is already amazing.

I just don't see Ellsbury getting many HR's and that is a important stat in the Silver Slugger award. Also, Ellsbury OBP is not much greater then Cano's so there is not much of a advantage

Left Field

I have to go with Brennan Boesch here. I think that there is not much competition in LF this year and I think that he should easily come out on top.

Boesch has the best BA out of all the LF's and has one of the top SLG, and OBP out of the LF's. He does not hit a ton of HR's but he leads all LFs so it does not really matter. I think this is pretty easy choice.

Designated Hitters

David Ortiz .... What, do I really have to say anymore? I mean he leads in BA and HR's and RBI's and SLG. He is second in OBP but he makes up that by leading in RBI's and 2B's to.

I would still like to give a shout out to Billy Butler and Michael Young who both having good years to but they are just nowhere close to where Ortiz is this year. Ortiz all the way

I think that is finally it, but yeah I still have not done the NL (will be coming shortly). Please Comment below on your picks and the blog itself

June 22, 2011  07:29 PM ET

good job, the only change I would have is Beltre over Youkilus.

June 22, 2011  07:31 PM ET

good job, the only change I would have is Beltre over Youkilus.

good choice, it was close between Beltre, ARod, and Youk. Thanks for commenting

June 22, 2011  08:39 PM ET

Jose Bautista's dURTY! Nice article in S.I. this week about 'em.

No doubt, great player and he showed that he was not a fluke last year. Would not be surprised if he got to 400+ HR's by the end of his career if he can keep it up.

June 23, 2011  01:34 AM ET

Well done Jorge. It was a good read. I didn't see any mention of Alex Gordon though, has he really fallen off that much for KC?

June 23, 2011  01:35 AM ET

Looking forward to the NL version as well.

June 23, 2011  03:27 AM ET

Yeah I'm with RSP, at this point I'd take Beltre over Youk, but we'll see how the rest of the season pans out.

June 23, 2011  08:03 AM ET

Well done Jorge. It was a good read. I didn't see any mention of Alex Gordon though, has he really fallen off that much for KC?

That was the name that was close to Brennan Boesch, I knew there was one but I just could not find one that compared

June 23, 2011  08:04 AM ET

Yeah I'm with RSP, at this point I'd take Beltre over Youk, but we'll see how the rest of the season pans out.

Yeah we will see, I want Beltre to win over Youk anyway

June 23, 2011  11:59 PM ET


June 24, 2011  11:18 AM ET


Hes up there with Adrian and Miguel for sure but does not come very close to them


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