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Last week, I went a pathetic 8-8 after a very good 13-3 two weeks ago.  I am 111-64 for the year which puts me at a 63.4 % chance at picking the winner.  I'm hoping to get back on track this week and here are my picks.

49ers @ Panthers

This is a matchup between two bad football teams.  The 49ers have a decent defense, but their offense is anemic.  Fortunately for them, they're playing a Panthers team that can't put pressure on the quarterback.  You've got two old, washed-up has-beens playing quarterback for these two teams.  The question is which one of these two quarterbacks is better.  I'll take Testaverde and Panthers to get their first home win this week.

Bills @ Redskins

The Redskins could very well have one of the best records in the league right now.  They've lost a lot of close games and the Bills are fighting very hard for their head coach with the little talent they have.  I expect the Redskins to do pretty much whatever they want to do and for Jason Campbell, who has played pretty well, to have a field day against the Bills.  Fortunately for the Bills, they have Trent Edwards back at quarterback.  The Bills should have some success running the ball and they might get some big plays against a banged up Redskins secondary.  The Redskins should win this game, but the Redskins have had a tough week with the loss of Sean Taylor.  That's why I'm taking the Bills.

Texans @ Titans

The Titans should get Albert Haynesworth back, which should really help their reeling defense.  That should allow them to shut down the Texans running game; however, I also expect the Texans to get some big plays to Andre Johnson.  As for the Titans, they'll get back to the bread and butter of running the football and playing good defense.  The reason I like the Titans is because I think they'll run the football and make things easier for Vince Young and that's why the Titans won't turn the ball over.

Falcons @ Rams

The Rams are starting to get something together now and the Falcons have packed it in.  The Rams offense is starting to put up some points and Steven Jackson will pound the Falcons all day on the ground.  On the other side of the ball, the Rams defense has been decent for the entire year and they're playing a Falcons offense with a bad quarterback situation.  I think the Rams defense plays very well as the Rams win easy.

Seahawks @ Eagles

The Eagles are coming off a tough, hard-fought loss to the Patriots and could have a letdown.  The Seahawks are a fraud, they keep beating teams like the Rams and 49ers and people actually think they have a solid shot at going to the Super Bowl.  The Seahawks defense does do a good job of creating turnovers and they'll probably do a decent job of that today.  The Seahawks spread them out and throw all day approach won't work against this Eagles defense which should also get some turnovers.  However, I like the Seahawks to win because the Eagles will have a letdown this week as the Seahawks win comfortably.

Lions @ Vikings

In this game, you've got two very agressive, opportunistic defenses and two opposite offenses.  The style of offense the Vikings play plays right into the hands of the Vikings defense.  The Vikings defense will get a lot of turnovers and negative plays against a Lions attack that forces the ball down the field.  As for the Vikings offense, they should pound Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor right down the Lions' throat and that should gain most of their offensive yardage, and that'll also keep the Lions defense from getting turnovers.  The reason the Vikings win is because they won't turn the ball over today.

Jaguars @ Colts

Both teams will be fired up and ready for this game.  The Jaguars are going to throw the ball against a Dwight Freeney-less defense that won't be able to get pressure as well as they did in their last game.  The Jaguars should have decent success moving the ball down the field, but the key is that the Colts will hold them to field goals instead of allowing them to score touchdowns.  As for the Colts offense, I think they'll be able to score touchdowns, which is exactly why I like the Colts in a really close divisional game.

Chargers @ Chiefs

Throughout his career, LaDanian Tomlinson hasn't had success running the ball in Arrowhead Stadium.  In all likelihood, that will continue this week and that will allow the Chiefs defense to focus on and take away Antonio Gates.  That will allow Jared Allen and Tampa Hali to come after Phillip Rivers relentlessly and they'll force him into mistakes.  As for the Chiefs offense, they won't move the ball very well against what is still a pretty good San Diego front.  However, the key is that the Chiefs offense won't turn the ball over today, which is why the Chiefs win.

Jets @ Dolphins

This is a bad game between two of the worst teams in the NFL.  The Jets defense has actually played pretty well over the past few weeks and I think that'll continue against the Dolphins this week.  The Dolphins aren't able to stop anyone over the past two weeks and they won't be able to stop anyone today either.  I think the Jets win fairly easily against a pathetic Dolphins team.

Broncos @ Raiders

The Broncos run defense has been decent of late and the Broncos do have the ability to run the ball on anyone.  The Raiders run defense is flat out horrible and the Broncos will pound the rock right down their throat.  However, I think the Raiders red zone defense steps up and holds the Broncos to field goals.  As for the Broncos defense, I think they'll play straight up man to man with nine guys up in the box playing the run and since the Raiders can't throw the ball, they'll lose.

Browns @ Cardinals

The Browns offense has been extremely explosive, putting up points left and right, as for the Cardinals, their offense and defense have been decent.  The Browns defense has played well over the past few games too.  In this game, I think the Browns move the ball against the Cardinals, but I think the Browns defense goes back to the way it was playing at the beginning of the year and the Cardinals keep pace with the Browns.  However, the Browns defense will come up big when they really need a play and the Browns win a close game.

Buccs @ Saints

The Saints are garbage and the Bucs are decent.  I think the Bucs get a lot of big plays on offense by torching the Saints pathetic secondary.  If you have Joey Galloway on your fantasy team, start him.  The Bucs defense has played exceptionally well.  The Saints might have some success moving the ball, but the Bucs defense will keep them from moving up and down all day.  The Bucs win easy in the Big Easy.

Giants @ Bears

The only reason the Bears won that game last week is because that moron Sauerbraun kicked the ball to Devin Hester.  The Giants won't be that stupid.  Eli isn't going to throw 3 pick sixes to the Bears defense this week, but Rex Grossman might throw a lot of picks to the Giants defense.  The Giants pass rush will eat Rex Grossman alive and that'll force him into a lot of turnovers.  That'll give the Giants a lot of short fields and the Giants will put up a lot of points against the Bears once good defense.  I like the Giants big, the Bears have no shot.

Bengals @ Steelers

The Bengals are starting to pull something together, but the Steelers are going to be fired up for this game.  They're going to come to play and they'll be moving the ball like it's 7 on 7's in training camp.  That Bengals defense is an abomination and the Bengals offense turns the ball over quite a bit.  Those turnovers will give the Steelers short fields as the Steelers win a close game.  These divisional rivalries are always close.

Patriots @ Ravens

The Ravens don't have a prayer in hell of winning this game.  That Ravens offensive line has been playing abysmally all year and that's not a good thing considering that the Patriots have one of the league's best pass rush.  The Patriots will get a lot of turnovers and sacks in this game.  As for the Ravens defense, I saw that secondary getting torched by the Chargers and imagine what'll happen to them in this game playing against Randy Moss.  I like the Patriots to roll at home.


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