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Let's start with the ugly:  Manning's interceptions are either just plain stupid or what Joe Buck and Troy Aikman pointed out which is a complete lack of communication with his receivers.  They NEED to talk more.  Eli needs to Man up and drop the F-Bomb.

I wish the Giants had more coaching wrinkles like the Bears had on their opening offensive drive:  No huddle.

As evidenced by the 4th Quarter, Eli certainly thrives on it and it's great to finally see the offense in a rhythm.

This game was won by the Giant D, make no mistake about it, but it did take an offensive 4th Quarter to make ends meet.  The Giants had at one point, 90 yards compared to 1 yard for the Bears.

The fact that Craig Dahl was playing spoke volumes about the desperation of the Giants secondary this week without Gibril Wilson and Aaron Ross.  I don't mind Dockery and I was happy to see Corey Webster on the sideline and not on the field.  Thank god for that.

Michael Johnson and Kawika Mitchell made several GAME-SAVING open field tackles that really saved the day for the G-Men and they were the dark horses.

I had a heart attack (thinking of Chris Farley as Da Bears/Da Bulls fan) when Hester was that open, that deep.  What a drop, what an early X-Mas gift.  Polish Sausage?

That non-safety call in the 1st Quarter was pure BS.  Grossman was great today passing and his numbers will show this, but he was defintely in the end zone when he was tackled.  Where was the Challenge Flag? 

Also BS was the negation of Ruben Droughns' first TD in the first quarter.  Lovie Smith got that flag off AFTER the play was snapped.  What if the G-Men hadn't scored there?

Ward makes great cuts despite putting the ball on the ground two times, but I think the next cut will be on his ankle and unfortunately his season.  He was a surprise performer this year.

The Bears like the Seahawks earlier today, never threw that knockout punch.  The Giants have failed to do that countless times.

Madison Hedgecock makes AWESOME blocks, especially going against premier players like Brian Urlacher.  Glad the G-Men locked him up long-term.  See ya' Jim Finn, Penn. Grad.

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were split on that Armani Toomer TD catch.  Joe was for the catch and Troy thought it hit the ground.  Joe saw the truth as the film showed.  Bad throw, great catch.

Great throw from Eli to Plax with 1:40 left in the 4th.  Woe the potential.

Sam Madison had a couple of big hits despite some blown coverage.

Food for thought:  Should the Giants have run the clock down and kicked the field goal?  Not with Lawrence Tynes.  Finally, a good call by Coughlin in letting the Defense finish the game....they certainly won it.

Maybe he should be back?

***Despite another great 4th Quarter comeback, Manning turnovers resulted in a loss of AT LEAST 6 Giant points and a swing of 10 Chicago points.  This team still leaves points out on the field.***

Notes:  Now I can listen to Boomer, Mike, The Mad Dog and Sal Licata (whom I went to Connetquot High School with) rip Eli but have some more positives to speak about.  Nice bounce back quarter from Eli, not game.  It's not how you start, it's how you finish.

Great to see the Eagles lose today, and us Giant fans know something or 4 about interceptions.

Although I realize the Cowboys and Packers are far superior to the Giants, this will make my week alot better!

How many sacks did the Giants have today?  Michael Strahan, Osi, Tuck and Big Fred Robbins were on fire!!!

What a play by Justin Tuck leaping over his fallen teammate to make the sack!

***Finally, Eli should stop using the word "We" in his press conferences and use the word "I" as in "I" made some mistakes today.  He needs to be a leader.***

From WFAN in New York:  Are you the type of fan who wants to take a bat to a car after a loss?  Or are you just there to be part of the scene?

I just got done reading the book "The GM" by Tom Callahan about Ernie Accorsi ("Do you own Callahan Auto Parts?"  Tommy Boy reference by Jeremy Shockey) and his initial Scouting Report on Eli Manning has not changed and is pretty dead on to this day.  It's a great read and should be on any Giant fans wishlist as should be "Inside the Helmet" by Jay Glazer and Michael Strahan.  Next up, Slash from Guns-N-Roses book.



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