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I did a TD about this nearly a year ago, and it got a pretty big response. Based on that, I am going to describe what my perfect man's weekend would consist of. Let me know in the comments what your perfect man's weekend would be!

My ideal weekend would go as follows:

After work on Friday, several friends and I would go up to Lake Erie and rent cabin on the lake for the weekend. We would get all our stuff situated and ready for the morning, then we would go outside around the campfire. Dinner would consist of anything you can grill over a fire, most likely hot dogs, baked beans, bratwurst, and of course a lot of beer.

We would sit around shooting the breeze and listening to some country music while drinking until we passed out in our chairs around the campfire.

The next morning around 6 a.m. we would fight our hangovers and get out on the lake right before the sun comes up to do some fishing. Bass bite more frequently right at sunrise and sunset, so we would do our best bass fishing at those times. Ideally, we would catch a whole mess of catfish or walleye to take back to the camp to eat for lunch.

Once mid-day rolls around, we would hang out at the camp for a few hours cooking up the fish that we caught, and play some horseshoes or corn-hole (not like that haha) until the temperature cools down enough to get back out there to go fishing. We would fish until it got completely dark outside, then head back to the camp to eat dinner and start drinking again.

The next day would be pretty much the exact same thing.

The whole trip would just be a relaxing way to relieve stress and get away from the world for a few days.

That isn't a very detailed description, but nobody will read the whole thing if it's too long, so we'll leave it at that.

What would your ideal man's outdoor weekend be?


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June 28, 2011  12:15 PM ET

Why is this the Ideal "Man's" Outdoor Weekend? Why aren't women invited??

Sheesh...I'd be makin' coffee and breakfast for y'all right now if you weren't being such a chauvanist.

*licks cinnamon off fingers*

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June 28, 2011  12:39 PM ET

Lake Erie smells funny(ha-ha).

June 28, 2011  12:43 PM ET

And cain, you're still a fool.

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June 28, 2011  12:52 PM ET

It smells like fun!

Actually had alotta great times up on Lake Erie growing up. Akron's not that far from the lake. Put In Bay and Kelly's Island are great places to hang out. And the fishin' on the lake, of course.

June 28, 2011  12:52 PM ET

(ha-ha-ha!) Jacka**!

You must be looking in the mirror right now. Why are ya callin' yourself names?

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June 28, 2011  12:56 PM ET

cain, is it time for you to get comments deleted again? It's funny how ya can dish out the insults but ya can't take them in return. Truly pathetic. But I expect nothing less from you.

June 28, 2011  12:57 PM ET

Absolutely. Honestly, I don't care where I'm fishing. As long as I have my beer, my chair, and a relaxing day.

Right on. Can't go wrong with that.

June 28, 2011  01:09 PM ET

And what would you do the whole time we were out fishing?

Hang out with the dog? LOL!!

Probably go for a hike and enjoy how peaceful it was. :)

June 28, 2011  01:10 PM ET

Women often complain about having to take a dump in the woods. And about the bugs.... and the lack of a sink and soap.In my experience, women always complain on a camping trip. No offense, Tweets.

Shut up Cain. That's been YOUR experience with women on camping trips. Not all women are like that. I happen to enjoy camping.

June 28, 2011  01:12 PM ET

Have you ever really roughed it? Way out in the middle of no where?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have. Many times. In Nevada, Utah, Northern Arizona, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. How about you??

June 28, 2011  01:14 PM ET

You can't tell me that! What if a bear came into camp? What would you do?

Well, I wouldn't run. That's the last thing you're supposed to do. Would I be afraid? Absolutely.


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