Finally!!!!  We got a chance to see what JaMarcus Russell can do.  I'm glad I was their to see it first hand.  As JaMarcus Russell started to take snaps on the sideline the entire crowd was buzzing.  He did very good for not taking a live snap since he was at LSU against Notre Dame.  He had a couple of rookie mistakes that are expected like the handoff that he didn't place on the right spot that ended up a fumble.  Overall he looked good.  He made smart and quick decisions and us Raiders fans can't be more excited about hime since Roger Goodell called his name in April.  Seeing Russell was great but there are a lot more things for us to be excited about.

The Raiders are starting to play the type of football that us Raiders fans envisioned when we got rid of Art Shell & Tom Walsh and brought in the young "spark plug" Lane Kiffin, offensive guru Greg Knapp, and rushing mastermind Tom Cable.  Our offense was clicking on all cylinders and our defense finally stepped up against the run.  Not only did they step up against the run but they did it against one the leagues best rushing teams.  They held Travis Henry to just 49 yards on 15 carries and forced four turnovers.  They were flying around yesterday.  Outside of the Broncos opening drive, the Raiders defense was dominant.  They got penetration on running plays and put a lot of pressure on Jay Cutler that led to those 4 turnovers.

Another impressive performance by Justin Fargas was overshadowed by Russell's debut but it was he who carried the load finishing the day with 33 carries for 146 yards.  Without Fargas picking up chunks of yards the passing game wouldn't have had such a great day with 3 TDs.  Denver was forced to keep 8 in the box for most of the game but they still could not stop Fargas outside of that 4th & 1 when they stopped him for a loss.  Justin Fargas is playing as good as any RB in the league not named Peterson.  He entered yesterdays game as the leagues 12th rushing yards leader despite starting just 4 games and having less than 3 carries in two other games.  He now has moved up to 9th place in the league in just his 5th start with 863 yards.  His yardage total is very impressive considering he had five games when he carried the ball just 5, 8, 8, 2, & 1 times.  He might be a top 3 rusher if he got another 10-15 carries in those five games. 

What makes that W so much sweeter is that it came against the Broncos following a win against the Chiefs.  The Raiders are building momentum for an AFC West Title run in 08 and have showed that they are not just going to be stepped on anymore when it comes to divisional games.  We had the Broncos beat if it were not for a last second timeout just before a game winning FG in week 2.  The Raiders have a tough schedule to finish off the season as they face GB, Indy, Jacks, and SD.  If the Raiders can win another game from now on to the end of the season then we could call the Raiders season a success.  They have already doubled last season's win total and if they can finish with 5 or 6 wins then we could expect big things in 08 which includes an AFC West Championship.  RAIDERS 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!


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