Eli Manning was responsible for three turnovers and didn’t even throw for 200 yards, yet people give him credit for winning the game last night against the Chicago Bears.  

Do any of the real NFL fans actually like Eli Manning or is it just the general media who seem to paid to tell us that Eli is the real deal?  

Yesterday, Eli had his team in prime scoring position around the Bears ten-yard-line.  He dodged a sack and then proceeded to throw an interception in the end-zone, ruining the Giants scoring drive.  

When this highlight was shown on ESPN, Tom Jackson said he was so proud of Eli for getting away from the sack and finding an open receiver and wasn’t it a shame that he didn’t throw it far enough and it got picked off.  Are you kidding me?

If any other quarterback in the league made that same bad play, he would be roasted by Tom Jackson for making a foolish throw and costing his team points.

This is a quote from an ESPN article about the game: “Eli Manning's second pass landed in Brian Urlacher's hands. There was a fumble that led to a field goal, too, and just when it seemed his day couldn't get much worse, he threw an interception in the end zone.

Then, everything turned around.

Manning redeemed himself just in time, and the New York Giants dealt the Chicago Bears' playoff hopes another staggering blow.”

They don’t say Manning lucked out; they say he redeemed himself, like all is well and he is a great quarterback despite his seventh turnover in three weeks.  What a joke.

Eli Manning has never once shown himself to be a good quarterback.  He has never been anything but average.  In nearly five years of NFL play he has 71 touchdown passes to 61 interceptions.  

This season, he has 17 touchdowns and 17 interceptions, so you certainly cannot argue that he is improving at all.  If anything, you could argue he is getting worse.  

I am convinced that the Manning family has serious pull with the NFL and the powers that control our view of the NFL.  I really believe that the media personalities we watch on television and read in print are being told to make Eli look as good as possible.  

It sickens me to see Eli on commercials calling him “unstoppable,” while a guy like Tom Brady isn’t on a single ad anywhere.  How does this happen?  

Are we all being brainwashed to believe that Eli is actually a good quarterback?

He is a spoiled brat who refused to play for the Chargers and insisted on playing for the Giants.  He got his way and then got paid top dollar to flat out stink at his craft.  

Watch his face after a bad play.  He looks like a spoiled little kid about to stain his jersey with tears.  His jaw sticks out and begins to quiver.  It is like he is looking for his dad, so he can say, “hey that isn’t supposed to happen, Dad.  I thought I was supposed to be a winner.”


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