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With Marc Bulger awaiting his second neuro-psych exam on Tuesday to determine his eligibility to start, and Gus Frerotte scheduled to have an MRI on his sore shoulder on the same day, the Rams may find themselves dangerously thin at QB this week.

Hey when opportunity knocks, Brock Berlin, you'd better be ready to answer the door. Expect Berlin to get plenty of reps this week even if Frerotte's MRI comes back negative, and especially if Bulger is forced to sit out in week 14. Even if Bulger is cleared to play, there is serious risk of re-injury when coming back quickly from a concussion. The very last thing the Rams need to do is to hurry their all-pro, franchise quarterback back onto the field during a season that is completely unsalvagable. What the Rams NEED to do is give their 3rd option at QB a chance to make his bid to be the 2nd option.

And what an extremely opportunistic time it would be. Currently the Cincinnati Bengals are ranked near the bottom statistically on defense. They are tied for 30th in the league in TD's allowed with 24, 29th in the league in points allowed with 316, and 26th in the league in yards allowed with 2,956. As far as pressuring the quarterback goes, the Bengals are 30th in the league in sacks registered with only 18 on the year. The Rams' offensive line - albeit in utter disarray - gave up only 1 sack against the Atlanta Falcons last week, who had only 18 on the year as well.

If Brock Berlin does indeed get his chance to play - or even start - and has an incredibly poor showing, the Rams will have atleast gotten a chance to evaluate their backup at quarterback in a real live game situation (Berlin has 0 career starts). In Week 1 of the preseason, Berlin led the Rams on a late 4th quarter drive to set up the game-winning field goal against the Minnesota Vikings, so it's pretty clear he does know how to play under pressure.

With the Rams' season completely lost, there's really only one thing they should be trying to do, and that's gauge their depth at all positions in preparation for the following season. The Rams have had ample opportunity to do that with the offensive line, runningback, wide receiver, linebacker, defensive end and cornerback positions, albeit by default, due to the incredibly long list of injuries this year.

Brock Berlin may never get an opportunity to prove his worth on the field until all other options are exhausted. If Bulger and Frerotte are cleared to play, the window may close on him entirely this year. If the appropriate precautionary measures are taken with Bulger and Frerotte if or when Tuesday's tests reveal problems, then Berlin may get his one shot to make something happen and take control of his own destiny.

If not, then what the hell do I care? I'm just partial to UM players and want them to get their chance to succeed at the next level whenever possible.

Alright, so I do care.



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