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Attendance at the NASCAR Hall of Fame fell nearly 40 percent in June compared with the same month a year ago.

The college football hall of fame wooed the City of South Bend to build a $13 Building with funds from Muni Bonds.  Operations funds continued to be supplemented to the tune of Mid Six-digits from the city tax funds, annually.. Now they got a sweeter deal from City of Atlanta and are bolting.  More power to em.  good riddance.  However, they keep exercising extenstions to the lease here as the Atlanta deal isnt completed.

By the way, the city has this building now for sale, for less than $2M. Crazy

My point is:  Should these Halls of Fame be supported by tax dollars?  The arguement is that money from outside hte area floods back in to the tax base as visitor spend at hotels and motels which typically carry a local option tax in the rate, and indirectly with all the other money the visitors spend on food and other things.

Charlotte officials must be in the midst of rethinking their decisions, much as South Bend learned the hard way. If you build it, they don't come (with $4.00 a gallon gas). These HOF facilities are not a "destination" for a vacation but something to maybe catch along the way if you have a rainy afternoon.

July 14, 2011  01:44 PM ET

No, they should not be supported by tax dollars. It is not like NASCAR, college football, etc. haven't already made plenty of money off of their fans ( the taxpayers). Most halls of fame are monuments to those in charge when the were built.

July 14, 2011  02:58 PM ET

Most halls of fame are monuments to those in charge when the were built.

Do I sense a dig at the fact that two Frances made it into the NASCAR HoF in the initial class?

July 14, 2011  03:05 PM ET

I agree about the no public money being used to fund, build, and support any private company's HoF. It should be the same way with stadiums, arenas, tracks, etc. These corporations just want to use the government to line their pockets. Yes there might be increased revenue from taxes and the like, but it is not a guarantee.

July 14, 2011  03:06 PM ET

Wait there's a college football Hall of Fame? How many attractions have they had to take down due to the players' NCAA violations and vacating of honors?

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July 14, 2011  03:12 PM ET

Attendance was already low last year, so what does that mean? A family of 3 showed up?

You are right, most Halls are a side trip.

Most of the figures thrown around about these "private" facilities are inflated and can't be verified. Public funds should not be used. Look at Jerryworld. It's a great stadium, in fact it's so great Jerry fills it up with everything from concerts to boxing matches as well as almost every sport. If it can support itself, fine. If not, public funds shouldn't. It's 1 thing if profits are but back in the public coffers.

July 14, 2011  03:29 PM ET

Wait there's a college football Hall of Fame? How many attractions have they had to take down due to the players' NCAA violations and vacating of honors?

Now that's FUNNY!

July 14, 2011  03:48 PM ET

Now that's FUNNY!

The whole NCAA is a joke. I read an article a couple of months ago where Joe Paterno, head coach of Penn State, recently violated a NCAA regulation by walking across campus, briefly watching an off hours football practice, finishing his walk, and then talking to one of his coaching staff about one of the players in the practice he saw.

WTF? Isn't it his job to watch players practice and evaluate them, especially by talking to other coaches on his own staff? It didn't say any penalties, but I figure knowing the NCAA it will be the loss of the last 10 years' worth of games, 25 scholarships, 6 players, and his firstborn great-grandchild!

July 14, 2011  06:10 PM ET

A local or state government using tax money for incentives to lure a major sports team to their area isn't such a bad idea. It's an investment. I wouldn't be on board so much if using the money for a Nascar track (only 1 big event a year) or an HOF (seems a bit too risky).

July 14, 2011  11:12 PM ET

At no time should a sport be supported by tax dollars.
I will give you money to build a building but after that you are on your own.
If it does not float so be it.
There is plenty of things I would rather see money go to.
We are talking about a sport that is suppost to be making good money.
Use your own NASCAR

July 15, 2011  09:03 AM ET

I know in Milwaukee, the Harley-Davidson Museum will build on land that was a DPW Site, and the City payed for the Enivro Clean Up, cannot remember if Milwaukee also gave tax money to Harley or not. ....

I do know a 100+ year old warehouse was turn into The Iron Horse Hotel a few blocks from the Harley Museum

July 15, 2011  09:13 AM ET

And going way back ... before my time 22GA may remember .... Milwaukee County build County Stadium in 1952 with NO Team to play in it ... the Boston Braves move into it in 1953 and drew a then NL record 1.8 million fans .... when fans when to Games well dress, in Suits & Ladies had Dresses

July 15, 2011  09:44 AM ET

I think I quoted Doonesberry once before on this site when the cartoon said. My country tis of thee sweet land of subsidy. They build stadiums, areneas, etc. for these teams. They use Emminent Domain to acquire private property and then give it to a private develop.

The sports facilities are something the Chamber of Commerce uses to try to lure new businesses or conventions to their towns. If you add up all the money it costs on one side, and all of the money it brings in including jobs, tourist attractions and conventions I don't know if they break even.

July 15, 2011  09:47 AM ET

The Marlins, a team that can't draw flies builds a new ball park for 515 million and all they kick in is 154 million.

July 15, 2011  10:56 AM ET

The Country Network, the 24 hour country music TV network is moving headquarters from Nashville to Boca Raton. We can look forward to new jobs and big hats. The map makes Boca look like it's in the South but I know they will have to stop saying hee haw and change to oy vey. I guess the sushi places will hang a sign in the window saying " bait' and a few roads will have to be converted to dirt. The hunting is pretty good, gaters and rabid otters by the canals.
Full disclosure, this was entirely tongue in cheek. LOL

July 15, 2011  11:04 AM ET

Full disclosure, this was entirely tongue in cheek. LOL

I was going to ask "Which one?"

And since the one is pretty much an MTV clone anymore (more "reality" TV then music) Boca would probably fit it well!

July 15, 2011  12:04 PM ET

The sport bein honored should pay for and raise funds for any HOF. They should also maintain it themselves if fans attendin ain't comin to it. Lots they could do. Even if tax incentive, to get it built and have the offshoot bucks from it, the govt should not pay for any of it, ever.

July 15, 2011  01:31 PM ET

Hey Luvdat, how are things? Congrats on the newest baby.

July 15, 2011  02:22 PM ET

Do I sense a dig at the fact that two Frances made it into the NASCAR HoF in the initial class?

You are very perceptive.

July 15, 2011  05:00 PM ET

Thanks JK. He was an oops, but a damnnn cute one LOL
Things are good here, seems like I am always workin at work and at home. Wouldn't think one more would make such a difference, but it does.


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