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LOS ANGELES: I had my reason to pick the L.A Lakers to win the NBA Championship this past-season. They looked to convinicing not to pick because they we're the X2 defending champions, because Phil Jackson wasn't going to let his team go down. I thought the Lakers we're going to win it all because Kobe Bryant couldn't of possibly let his team down. Because he was determined to tie Jordan for 6 NBA Championships in a career. Either that, or to just be another NBA Champion again. As if what he did previously wasn't good enough, not for Kobe Bryant I thought Kobe Bryant and his Laker's wanted it more than anyone-else, I thought they want this more because they we're (and are) still behind the Boston Celtics with most NBA Championships won in franchise history. Think again, the Dallas Mavericks. Whom they eventually got swept by in 4 games.

No, the Lakers weren't the hungriest team to win it all not this time. The Dallas Mavericks we're hungier. Because they we're tired of getting knocked out to early in the NBA Playoffs. Because they knew they had a monkey on their back that could only grow bigger from the 2006 NBA Finals. When they we're up 2-0 in the NBA Finals. The Heat we're the better team to finish the series that's the bottom line of that. The Mavs didn't finish of Miami when they had the chance to. But that's different now because the Mavs' won the Championship.

It felt different to see a different team besides tthe L.A Lakers win the NBA Championship for once.  For Kobe Bryant's sake this huge when ranking G.O.AT'S because he, like I said earlier in this column still has something to do in my opinion, that is to win another NBA title ring. Now Phil Jackson on the other hand, is a different case. I don't think that Jackson had anything left prove as a coach. Because he already had won 12 NBA Championships in his careeer. That's all I need to say about him.


That's proff that he's a proven Champion. And not just at the level of coaching, also as a player. Sure, I'll admit he wasn't the most succesful player to play the game of basketball. But hey, he still contributed. Jackson won 2 NBA Championships as a player. So that really goes to prove even-more that Phil Jackson is inded a Champion.
In my opinion Jackson is the real Champion here. Sorry Red Auerbach , and Bill Fitch but I find myself defining succes my Championships.
Is that fair enough?

I think so. But I also think there can be different type of success. As I noted, what defines you a real winner: Championship.
Or you can be just another Charles Barkley, and John Stockton.
No ofence Mr.Barkley, you'r career was nothing short of spectacular when it came to MVP's, regular-season wins, and breaking single player records, but in the long-run if you make/break all those records it doesn't matter if you don't win a Championship. You'll find yourself short of whar could of been. "What I could of done". When you retire, you can only begin to wonder what it could of been for you.
Sure, the stats you put up may of been nice, but you will find yourself thinking I should of won a Championship, I could of won it at that type of lelvel.
However, not everyone that wins a Championship or "wins" one, dosen't nessicarly contribute. You know, the bench players? or the players that you don't really use?
No, not the 6th man type of player that Jason Terry is (bench-guy). The other guy. Yeah, you guessed him.
If you'r him, and I'm comparing you to Charles Barkley or John Stockton, than I would for sure pick Barkley or Stockton because of what they we're able to do at times.
Yet, the ring-less must still wonder what it feels like to have finally, or at least ONCE in his caeer climbed the mountain. Dirk Nowitzki finally got to do that for once. For some players that's the only thing missing to complete their resume. I think though that I'm leaving a certain player out that had to wait 17 years to finally lift the Lerry O'Brien Trophy in Jason Kidd. It must of hurt to lose 2 NBA Finals in a row (2 years in a row). Which is what happened to J.Kidd.
He and Dirk finally got their shots at it again. They we're tired of waking up everyday knowing that they had some kind of monkey on their back.
A monkey that they wanted to get off.
Not every-player, forget about that, let's get outside of sports for a second here: every person doesn't get a second chance in life.
Better yet, they'd be lucky to get a 3rd chance at something.
Welcome back to Sports, where it's a little different.
Well sometimes it's a little different.
Not every player gets another chance at winning the big game again. Like Charles Barkley and John Stockton among other players to.
Some players though, are lucky to get another chance at it.
Like Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd, and of course, Jason Terry.
Now for Terry the only thing that I can find different about this is this: Terry wasn't the team leader (and still isn't) yet, he led the Mav's to glory in Game 6 when Dirk didn't deliver.
That's the only difference between the two players. Whom both played for the same team at time, and of course still do.
The point I'm trying to make here is this: Atheletes/Coaches's succes's are often measured by Championships, don't let that be the case if you put up hall of fame numbers, you'll still get rewarded someday.  


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