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I went 69-18 on the season.  Here are my picks for the BCS bowl games and other games that are being played:

Poinsettia Bowl:
Navy vs. Utah- Utah-Navy is a decent team but Utah is a few points better..Correct

New Mexico Bowl:
New Mexico vs. Nevada- New Mexico- It will not be close... blow out.-Correct

New Orleans Bowl:
Florida Atlantic vs. Memphis-  Florida Atlantic- should be an ugly game.- Correct

Cincy vs. Southerm Miss- Cincy- another ugly matchup.- Correct

Las Vegas Bowl:
Brigham Young vs. UCLA- UCLA- they have allot to prove and they will be ready to play.- Incorrect

Hawaii Bowl:
Boise State vs. East Carolina- East Carolina- They have a decent team and Boise stumbled to the finish of the season.- Correct

Holiay Bowl:
Arizona State vs. Texas- Arizona State- They are a good team.- Incorrect

Champs Bowl:
Boston College vs. Michigan State- Boston College- should be a decent game to watch.- Correct

Emerald Bowl:
Oregon State vs. Maryland- Oregon State- They are a decent team and Maryland will struggle.- Correct

Meinke Car Care Bowl:
Connecticut vs. Wake Forest- Wake Forest- they are both average teams.  Should be a close game.- Correct

Liberty Bowl:
Mississippi vs. UCF- UCF- They have one of the best RB's in college. No defense cost them and a bad day for the QB- Incorrect

Alamo Bowl:
Texas A & M vs. Penn State- Texas A & M- They are a solid team and will be out to prove they have a decent program in this game.- (ugly game).- Incorrect

Independence Bowl:
Colorado vs. Alabama- Alabama- Colorado is an improved program but will fall short in this game.  Two months ago Saban was a hero; now he will finish at 7-6.  Give him time bama..- Correct

Armed Forces Bowl:
Air Force vs. California- Cal- they had a shot for the title earlier in the year and now end up here.. should be an interesting game.- Correct

Humanitarian Bowl:
GT vs. Fresno State- Fresno State- They have a decent team and GT is still stumbling from a poor finish and a fired coach.- Correct

Texas Bowl:
Houston vs. TCU- TCU- Both teams are average and it will probally be a one touchdown or less finish.- Correct

Brut Sun Bowl:
South Florida vs. Oregon- Oregon- SF is over rated and a good Oregon team will blow them out and show how bad SF really is against real teams.- Correct

Insight Bowl:
Oklahoma State vs. Indiana- Oklahoma State- Could be a decent game to watch.- Correct

Music City Bowl:
Florida State vs, Kentucky- Kentucky- this is a team that should have beat LSU.  They have inconsistent games but the Noles have had an inconsistent season. Kentucky tried to lose even with FSU's lack of players. (ugly finish)- Correct

Chick-Fil-A Bowl:
Clemson vs. Auburn- Clemson- Clemson is an explosive 9-3 team and Auburn will be a good match up.  Should be a great game.  This should be one of the best non BCS games to watch.- Close and a great game- Incorrect

Outback Bowl:
Tenn. vs. Wisconsin- Tenn.- should be a good matchup.  It will depend on Ainge. Great way to finish his college career; Ainge.- Correct

Cotton Bowl:
Missouri vs. Arkansas- Missouri- They will need more than a RB to beat a mad team that was cheated out of a BCS bowl game.  Missouri will win big.  I know VT is glad they have KU.- Correct

Capital Bowl:
Florida vs. Michigan- Florida- sounds good on paper but the talented gators will roll over a team that cannot defend a spread offense.- Ugly defensive game.  Gators lacked passion and seemed tired against a team playing for a coach.  Last games are always full of passion.- Incorrect

Gator Bowl:
Virginia vs. Texas Tech- Virginia- should be a great matchup. Coin Flip- Virginia gave it away but Tech played well in the end; congrats!- Incorrect

Rose Bowl:
USC vs. Illinois- USC- Congrats to Zook for getting here but his team is no match for a healthy USC team.- No surprise and this shocked no one; should have been against UGA.- Correct

Sugar Bowl:
Georgia vs. Hawaii- Georgia-I guess it is true that you can play a soft schedule and win and still play in the BCS bowls.  It will be a true test for the QB who has amazing numbers against joke teams.  It will be a blow out! - No shock and Georgia ended all doubts of an upset early.  A total mismatch and should have never been played.  Hawaii should have played Illinois or West Virginia.  The Dawgs should have played USC.- Correct

Fiesta Bowl:
Oklahoma vs. West Virginai- Oklahoma- WV will come to play but Oklahoma's size will be too much for the WV team.  Slatons last game and the way the team was treated; this will be a coin flip.  It will be interesting and could be fun to watch.  We will know by the second quarter.  They will miss their coach but it does give them passion and a chip on their shoulder.  Losing to Pitt will either make them want to show they belong or destroy them mentally in this game.  Allot of questions on defense.-Great game for WV and they were ready for this game- Incorrect

Orange Bowl:
Kansas vs. VT- VT- This will be a close game until the 3rd quarter.  Missouri was cheated but in the BCS world life goes on; KU and VT could be a decent game.  VT is a better team and KU has only played two decent teams all year.  KU will keep it close but it could get ugly fast...If KU can build a lead early.. who knows?!- I knew it was a coin flip and VT looked bad on Defense.  KU played a solid game and at least showed they belong.  I hope they schedule a SEC team next year- Incorrect

BCS Natinal Championship:
LSU vs. Ohio Sate- LSU- Ohio State has looked bad at times (Illinois) and LSU has played inconsistent in a few games (Arkansas and Kentucky) but they were not healthy.  LSU might blow them out.  A healthy LSU team and a team that was embarassed last year; they have never beaten the SEC in bowl games (0-8); should make it interesting.- Correct









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