In the history of sports, I can't recall a sports story as mind-numbing, boring, tedious and irritating as the NFL lock-out. Players Twittering that the owners are messing with them. Wow--that's really interesting. Lawyers representing the owners trying to hoodwink the players at the last minute. Man I didn't see that coming.

This saga has been torturing our nation for what seems like five years. And we get wall to wall updates about it. The world doesn't need this nonsense. There are so many more important things than whether we will have an NFL season this Fall. Consider the people starving in Haiti and reconstruction of Japan's nation. Yet we get updates on NFL labor negotiations. How about more important news such as labor negotiations that help reduce the unemployment rate and put more Americans back to work? We're supposed to care about whether millionaires get to start working again? This is all out of whack and proportion.

I heard on the radio this morning that Roger Godell looked "spent" yesterday after negotiations. I can think of a lot of other people more spent than him after work yesterday such as men laying cement on outdoor construction sites in 100 degree temperatures, and dishwashers in restaurants without air conditioning, and police officers in dark blue outfits directing traffic at stop lights. I bet they were more "spent" last night than Roger.

The great diversion Americans love to embrace of NFL football on weekends is an addiction we need to reconsider. What is it we're really spending our lives doing? Watching other people throw a ball around and ram into each other? For centuries, I suppose, people have needed this diversion to cope with their difficult lives, forget about their troubles for a few hours. This is what chariot rides were about many eons ago, I bet, and perhaps gladiator battles for those who may have spectated.

You may think I sound high and mighty and above it all, posturing as if I have my NFL urge to watch in total control. Not the case at all. I'm drawn to the TV on Sundays like a magnet and sit for hours watching the games. What I hope is this Fall I remember this lock-out negotiation drivel, and all that is repugnant about it, and stop watching the games. Do these people really deserve my attention? Do they deserve your attention?

There is much more to life. I've experienced it, though usually not as often as I should because the NFL games keep getting in my way of living a more rounded and fulfilling life. If you really think about it, will you be more happy on your deathbed if you watch more NFL games or do other things on Sundays?

For most of you, I think I know the answer. It's watch NFL games. Life's too short. You can't get the emotional thrills anywhere else on a Sunday that you can watching the NFL, or any other day of the week for that matter. I know. I have bought into this mentality. I am weak in this sense. But I am also a bit more wise because of this lock-out.

I wish this Fall, and in the ones that follow, I will be stronger, that I will have my own lock-out against the NFL. And periodically Tweet about it to the world.


July 22, 2011  11:45 AM ET

understand what you are saying and agree. however, i think you will be alone on your lock-out against the NFL when the season finally returns. unfortunately, fans will come back with smiles on their faces and all the greed that exists in this money battle will be long forgotten. the owners know this and the players know this..... and both sides will talk about how important the fans are to them and how they feel so badly that this affects people/businesses, etc. just PR damage control.... and things back to normal.


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