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Yesterday there was a Truth and Rumor about the Dodgers talking about their playoff chances.  Let's get real, the Dodgers aren't going to finish ahead of bot the Giants and Diamondbacks.  They are presently 11 games back with a record of 52-63.  Their chances of a wild card are even less likely as they'd have to pass one of the teams already mentioned as well as 2 of the following: Phils, Braves, Brewers and Cards.  The Dodgers have no chance of a playoff spot.

 In addition, there was a column on SI by Ann Killion indicating the Phils were on the upswing while the Giants are heading south.  As usual Ms. Killion you are WRONG!  The Phils did take 3 of 4 from the Giants in their recent series, but the Giants took 2 of 3 from the Phils just 2 weeks earlier.  You can say what you want about the Phils pitching staff and they have been impressive this year.  But when the two teams meet in the NLCS the difference will again be the Giants pitching rising to the occasion.

In the NLCS the Phils will have to face Tim Lincecum at least twice and that is almost a certain 2 Phil phailures.  Lincecum owns the Phils!  He hasn't given up more than 2 earned runs against the Phils over the past 4 seasons.  The Phils will phlail at his pitches and then park their phat butts on the bench.  "Grab some pine, meat!"  The Phils will have to then take 4 out of 5 from the other Giants starters.  That's not going to phriggin' happen.

Matt Cain proved he's a big gamer in last years playoffs:  3 games started, 21 innings pitched, 0 earned runs.  That's right, ZERO, ZIP, NADA.    This year Cain phaced the Phils twice and gave up a whopping 1 earned run in 15 (phifteen) innings.  The Phils will almost certainly phace Cain twice (unless he starts game number 4) and that they aren't going to depheat Cain twice when he gives up NO RUNS.  Cain will make the Phils phlop.

That leaves the other two Giant starters: Vogelsong and Bumgarner.  Vogelsong hasn't pitched against the Phils this year.  However, as well as he's pitching we'll give the Phils  a 50-50 (phifty-phifty) chance.  Bumgarner In last year's playoffs he gave up 3 earned runs to the Phils in 8 innings.  Otherwise he's only phaced the Phils once, when he gave up 2 earned runs in 8 innings.  Like Vogelsong we'll give the Phils a 50-50 chance.

Ultimately the NLCS pitching win-loss records will end up: Lincecum 2-0, Cain 1-0, Bumgarner, Vogelsong, Romo and Lopez 1-2.


After the series the Phils phans will phling batteries, start phires and behave generally like phools.  By the way, Phil phans, a 2011 World Series?, phageddaboutit!


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