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Tailgate Advice Prediction for NFL Individual Awards

First of all this is a prediction of who should win the NFL regular season awards. This is who Tailgate Advice thinks will have the best individual season. The NFL is known to blunder these awards, so Tailgate Advice will give you the people who SHOULD win!




2011 MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England

            Last year the illustrious Patriots quarterback had an Awesome year! He threw for 3,900 yards, had a QB Rating of 111.0 and tossed 36 TDs to ONLY 4 picks! This year will be no different; Brady will have a monstrous year! Brady now has a steady target in OchoCinco that will catch over 70 balls for close to 1,100 Yards. Brady also has Danny Woodhead out of the back field that will catch another 50 plus balls. Tom Brady has the most reliable slot receiver in the league, Welker will have 100 catches. The desire for another Super Bowl ring will guide Tom Brady into another MVP year. Brady will throw for over 4,000 yards and close to 40 TD's. 


Coach of the year: Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco  

            The 49ers had a down 2010 NFL Season under Mike Singletary. The main difference between Harbaugh and Singletary is respect. Singletary commanded respect while Harbaugh earns respect. Alex Smith will improve greatly under Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh coached the greatest college QB possible of all time in Andrew Luck, he knows how to motivate players to perform better then they truly are. The 49ers will win 9 games and make the playoffs in a weak NFC West division. The first year coach will earn coach of the year honors in 2011.


Offensive Player: LeSean McCoy, RB, Kansas City

            LeSean Mccoy ran for over one thousand yards last year. What makes the rush yardage all the more impressive is that McCoy also caught 78 balls for over 500 yards. Any running back that can catch the ball close to 80 times and still rush for a grand is a solid back. This year McCoy will have a better year. His yardage per carry will greatly improve. The main reason for the increased rush yards will be due to the increase in Spread Option Plays that Eagles will run, there is not better QB in the league to initiate an option play then Michael Vick. McCoy will win the offensive player of the year award in 2011. Expect McCoy to rush for 1200 yards and catch 75 balls out of the backfield.  


Defensive Player: Clay Mathews, LB, Green Bay

            Last year's stat line for Clay Mathews was 60 Tackles, 13.5 Sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles and One Interception. What the stat line does not show is that Clay played over half the year seriously injured. This year a healthy Mathews will have 80 tackles, 14 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and even a pick or two. Mathews will guide the Packers to the NFC North championship.


Comeback Player: Reggie Bush, RB, Miami

            Reggie Bush has taken his talents to South Beach. Bush will start the season splitting carries with rookie talent Daniel Thomas. Thomas will have a nice season, but will not be fully cut loose into the complex Wild Cat offense Miami runs until his sophomore season. Bush will run the Wild Cat a lot. Bush thrives off getting his hands on the ball early into the development of a play, this allows him to scan the field and find a hole. Bush is still one of the fastest backs in the league and will explode towards the line of scrimmage out of the Wild Cat formation. Reggie will touch the ball a lot inside of the red zone which will result in a double digit touchdown season. Reggie will rush for a tad over thousand yards and catch the ball fifty plus times.



Offensive Rookie: AJ Green, WR, Cincinnati

            AJ Green is the most talented rookie in the NFL. People argue that Julio Jones is better than Green this is understandable but incorrect. Green has great size, speed hands and more importantly runs excellent routes. According to the media and casual football fans, AJ will not have a great year due to Rookie QB Andy Dalton throwing him the ball. This is grossly false, for one the ginger Dalton is a solid QB. Two, Dalton has no other deep threat to throw the ball to. Green is a likeable guy and will get on Dalton's good side, which result in a big year. Andy Dalton will throw the ball to Green and Gresham on numerous occasions every game. Green will utilize his large frame and catch the ball in the end zone 12 to 13 times this year.


Defensive rookie: Aldon Smith, DE, San Francisco

            Aldon Smith was the biggest sleeper going into the Draft. Smith is 6' 4", 265 and runs a low 4.7 forty. His speed and strength will overpower a weak NFC West OT Class. The 49ers blitz a lot from the strong side; this will cause opposing QBs to roll to Aldon's side, where he will be waiting to lower the boom. Smith will have 10 sacks and 50 plus tackles a 49er rookie.


Executive of the year: Floyd Reece and the Kraft's, New England

            OchoCinco and Albert Haynesworth are low risk pickups despite the media coverage.  Everyone has written off the two head cases. If Ocho and Fat Albert perform will the Patriots look like geniuses, if they fail, well no biggie they were cast a ways anyway. The Patriots will make the playoffs; this should be enough to propel the Kraft duo and Mr. Reese into the spotlight. Many of the Patriot players perform at a high level under the tutelage of the mad wizard; Brady makes everyone around him better. The ultimate move the Patriots front office made was drafting a relatively unknown Brady and hiring a controversial Bill Belichick, everything after those moves is gravy.






Worst NFL performance of the year: Cam Newton/Jimmy Clausen, Carolina

            The Carolina Panthers have the worst QB duet in the league. Not only are Cam "pay me" Newton and Jimmy "get me a drink" Clausen bad quarterbacks, according to most accounts they are not very good people. Both of the two drove very respective college programs into a negative light and a PR nightmare. Neither so called QB can hit the side of a barn with a football. The wonder twins will "mentor" each other right into the unemployment line. Clausen will be drunk while doodling on the clipboard, and Newton will be counting his money in the huddle. The two will combine for over 25 interceptions, 3 DUI's, 2 bank robberies, 1 domestic disturbance (between the two) and a historically terrible year; PRICELESS!

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