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You heard it here first! has your Fantasy Football Sleeper list, this is not a run of the mill list, this is deep and will win your league for you...

Fantasy Football Sleepers



Easy Choice (Barely Sleepers)!


Mathew Stafford, Lions, Quarterback

Mathew Stafford will have a big year IF he stays healthy. It seems like this time for the past two years everyone is high on Stafford, then comes the dreaded injury. Calvin Johnson looks awesome in Training Camp. Brandon Pettigrew should have a breakout year, and Jahvid Best IF healthy will catch a lot of balls out of the backfield. If Stafford stays healthy he will pass for well over 3,000 yards and 25 Touchdowns.


Mike Williams, Seahawks, Wide Receiver

Mike Williams will have a nice season; he now has a decent receiver on the side of the field in Sidney Rice. Mike Williams looks to be in excellent shape, and will use his big body to catch balls in the End Zone. Tavaris Jackson likes to throw jump balls to large framed receivers, so Mike Williams should flourish. Pete Carroll will go out of his way to ensure Williams has a solid year.


Sam Bradford, Rams, Quarterback

The Rams put some decent receivers around Sam Bradford. The Rams play in a terrible NFC West division, so he should be able to light it up. With the opposing defenses putting 8 in the box vs. Steven Jackson, Bradford will have some gaping holes to throw the ball through. Danny Amendola is going to be a Wes Welker clone and catch close to 100 balls. Bradford will have a big season!


Ochocinco, Patriots, Wide Receiver

            Tom Brady is throwing Ocho the ball. Ochocinco is a hard worker and has the potential to run great routes (when he so desires). Brady can fit the ball in tight spaces then any QB in the league, Ocho will find the holes and get big gains after the catch.


Jermaine Gresham/AJ Green, Bengals, Tight end/Receiver

            Jermaine Gresham and AJ Green are the only two real threats on the Cincinnati offense. Andy Dalton will get flustered at times and heave the ball to his only two weapons. Gresham will catch the ball a lot in the red zone, and Green will average big gains on Dalton's deep ball. Shipley and Benson are decent players, but do not have the big play ability like Jermaine and AJ.


Beanie Wells, Cardinals, Running back

            Chris "Beanie" Wells is healthy and Tim Hightower free. While Hightower is ruining Ryan Torrain's fantasy numbers, Beanie will be having a nice season. Wells has the potential to be a top 10 fantasy running back, and this year he will be given the opportunity to prove this. The Ryan Williams hype is overplayed. Beanie is the class of the RB corps in AZ. Wells will have double digit TDs and rush for over a thousand yards.


Mario Manningham, Giants, Wide Receiver

            Steven Smith is injured and now wears an Eagles uniform. Mario is the number two receiver that Manning will target. Manningham has good speed, decent size and great hands. Mario will have a breakout season, and is a solid number two receiver on most fantasy squads.  


Kevin Kolb, Cardinals, Quarterback

Kevin Kolb has all of the attributes to be a solid NFL quarterback. He has one of the best receivers in the game playing catch with him and he has a coach that believes in him. Kolb will not be facing elite secondaries in the NFC West, so expect some big games from Kolb.  



Not so Easy Choice (Who)?


Jimmy Graham, Saints, Tight End

            Jimmy Graham is another excellent Tight End out of the U! He has a basketball background, which will enable him to get the jump balls in the end zone. Brees does not miss many targets let alone a 6'6" massive target. Graham will be the Saints number one red zone player.


Brandon Pettigrew, Lions, Tight End

            Brandon Pettigrew is another gigantic tight end.  At 265 pounds he will not get pushed around by Linebackers or Safeties. Stafford will target Pettigrew a lot while Calvin is being double covered. Pettigrew stands to fall of this list real quick if Stafford gets injured AGAIN, but in the mean time expect Brandon to have an excellent year.


Roy Williams, Bears, Wide Receiver

            After a disastrous time in Dallas Roy has a lot to prove. Roy Williams is now in a high octane Mike Martz Offense, that makes receivers look better then they truly are. Williams is listed as the number one receiver on the Bears depth chart, without any threats coming from the rear. Devin Hester will still have to be accounted for by opposing defenses and Forte will draw linebackers to the line of scrimmage. Roy Williams will flourish in Chicago. Dallas fans are going to be mad, but Chicago fans are going to be glad!


     Daniel Thomas/Reggie Bush, Dolphins, Running back(s)

            Daniel Thomas is a stud power back out of K state that runs between the hash marks. Reggie Bush is an electrifying scat back out of SC that speeds his way around corners. On paper this is a marriage made in heaven. Oh by the way Miami likes to run the Wild Cat Offense that will keep Thomas and Bush on the field. Thomas is a rookie that has a lot of prove and Bush is tired of the "over rated" title he has earned while in New Orleans. These two players will utilize the foundation that Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams laid, and improve upon it. Both Backs will have a big year!



Willis McGahee, Broncos, Running back

            McGahee will battle Knowshon Moreno for the starting job in Denver. This battle will be for not since Moreno will get injured and McGahee will have the job anyway. The Broncos will have some awesome running seems due to Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Orton vertically extending the field. McGahee has the potential to rush for over 10 Touchdowns and close to 1K yards.


  Braylon Edwards, 49ers, Wide Receiver

            Braylon is similar to Roy Williams, he has a lot to prove to his critics. Braylon Edwards has wasted away his amazing God given talent for years now. Under Jim Harbaugh this is no longer an option. Alex Smith will improve under Harbaugh which will result in Edwards getting the ball. Braylon will not be double teamed, with Crabtree lined up on the other side of field. Edwards can jump out of the gym, which will help him in the red zone. Vernon Davis will ensure Edwards acts accordingly. Michael Crabtree could have just as easily been in this spot, but after considering injury risk, Edwards get the nod.


James Starks, Packers, Running back

            James Starks is the most talented running back on the Green Bay Packers, not to mention Ryan Grant will suffer an injury early into the 2011 NFL Season. Starks the pride of Niagara Falls is going to run many proactive Fantasy Team Owners into the Championship game. Green Bay will have an excellent season, which will result in Starks running the ball deep into the season, trying to secure home field advantage.


Who else is talking about these guys (WTFO)?



Brad Smith, Bills, Wide Receiver

            Since running Tailgate Advice, the largest amounts of Thank You Notes I have received were due to my stellar advice regarding Joe Webb. I also got tons of hate mail from Fantasy losers that were mad that Webb was a WR playing QB. So here is my bold prediction (Love me or Hate me) Brad Smith will have a big year! The Wide out will run the Wild Cat offense. In addition to handling the ball the ex-QB can sling it, look for Smith to throw for a couple TDs this year, in addition to catching and running a couple into the end zone.


Jerheme Urban, Chiefs, Wide Receiver

            WHO? What about Bowe and Breaston? Not to mention Tony Moeaki. Todd Haley is a wannabe Bill Belichick, so naturally he will need his own Wes Welker. Urban the no name out of Trinity College (TX), is a poor man's Welker. Jerheme is taller than Welker but will play a similar role. Urban will stand steady in the middle of the field and wait for Cassel to hit him, followed by a ferocious hit by a middle linebacker. Bowe will have a down year, and Breaston is a tad overrated, so look for Urban to catch close to 40 balls. How is that for a SLEEPER?



Jacquizz Rodgers, Falcons, Running back

            As an avid USC fan I watched as the Rodgers brothers ate the Trojans up. You may say that many College Running Backs eat up college defenses, the difference is the USC defenses that Jacquizz killed were anchored by 9 future (now current) NFL Players. Just ask Clay Mathews about Jacquizz, he will go into convolutions. Rodgers is compared to Dexter McCluster a lot, the difference is that Jacquizz is good. Atlanta will utilize Rodgers to spell Turner, and also catch balls in the slot and out of the backfield. Jacquizz is not on anyone's fantasy radar, but by week 5 he will be on most fantasy rosters!




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