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This is my first time ever trying to make a mock draft, I think. So please, bare with me if it is terrible and try not to insult me. Constructive criticism is always good though. Day by day I will add my reasoning for each pick. Sometimes I may forget to write it and others I may write more than one in a single day.

1. Miami Dolphins - Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
Dorsey is the most dominating defensive player in college football when he is healthy. He is strong and he doesn't stop. The Dolphins have a terrible defensive line this season that averages only two sacks per game. This defense is also last in rushing yards allowed per game. Dorsey isn't the perfect fit according to the Dolphin's scheme, but he will most likely excel no matter where he is.

2. New York Jets - Chris Long, DE, Virginia
The Jets have already invested a good amount of money at the running back position with Thomas Jones. Jones hasn't done as well as he was expected to, but at least the Jets have a stable back in there. Long, much like Dorsey, has an ongoing motor and he continues to play despite being double teamed all year this season. They are 25th in the league in total defense and they only have 22 sacks this season!

3. New England Patriots (from San Francisco) - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
The Patriots don't have many problems, but there are a few. The biggest one is their running back position. McFadden, if he declares for the draft, will be the best option at running back by far. The fact that the Patriots even get a pick this early is scary, but imagine this high powered offense with a consistent running game! They also need linebackers because their current ones are aging and Asante could leave which leaves Ellis Hobbs as the #1 corner, that's not good.

4. Saint Louis Rams - Jake Long, OT, Michigan
It seems like there are constantly injuries along the Ram's offensive line. It is aging too. Long is an excellent run blocker and he will plow the way for Jackson. Jackson is a great back, but without good blocking, running backs are nothing. Orlando Pace has been getting injured and he has seen better days in his career. Long will also be able to protect Bulger's blind side.

5. Atlanta Falcons - Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
Everyone knows what happened with Mike Vick and how the Falcon's quarterback situation has turned out. Bobby Petrino used to be at Louisville, where Brohm plays right now, and Brohm is already familiar with his system and he will be able to learn fast. I'm sure that Petrino was impressed by how Brohm played in college . Why wouldn't he draft a player that already played under him? I know the Falcons have a lot of problems, but quarterback is the biggest.

6. Oakland Raiders - DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
The Raiders used to have a good receiver, but he didn't produce. That was Randy Moss. Back then, though, they didn't have a decent quarterback. Now they hope to nurture Russell into a big time quarterback. Russell doesn't have anyone to throw to, though. Jackson is a do-everything receiver with blazing speed. He can return kicks, catch medium routes, go deep, and catch screens. Russell needs someone to help him out and someone to compliment Curry.

7. Cincinnati Bengals - James Laurinaitis, MLB, Ohio State
Everyone knows the problems that the Bengals are having on defense. They need a play-maker and a leader, Laurinaitis can be those things. With the injuries they have been having this season I can't see them passing up on arguably the most skilled linebacker entering the draft. This defense can't stop anyone. James has 103 tackles, 8.5 of those for a loss of yards, and 5 sacks. He has dominated in Tressel's system. He is versatile and this is shown by his 7 career picks and 3 deflected passes.

8. Kansas City Chiefs - Sam Baker, OT, USC
The Chiefs have one of the best backs in the leauge. The problem is he has no room to run. I'm thinking that they will give Brodie Croyle a chance to prove himself next year so they will hold off on drafting a quarterback. The Chiefs have already allowed 42 sacks this year! They can't let that happen next season. Baker is successful in stopping the outside rush thanks to his good footwork. He is a strong lineman and he is one of hte best lineman in this years draft.

9. Baltimore Ravens - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
Steve McNair is aging and Kyle Boller never lived up to expectations. I don't see Troy Smith being the answer for the Ravens. This will lead the Ravens to draft a quarterback to lead their offense. Ryan is considered by many to be the best quarterback in thsi draft and if Brohm and Petrino didn't know each other so well I wouldn't be surprised if the Falcons drafted him. Ryan is a smart player and he can learn this offense sufficiently.

10. Chicago Bears - Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky
The Bears are similar to the Ravens. They have two quarterbacks that would be good backups, but they aren't good enough to start. Grossman and Griese aren't good enough and because of that they will most likely draft another quarterback. Andre Woodson is a great quarterback and he really shined this year in Kentucky's offense. He is very accurate and he can throw the long ball as well. He isn't fazed by pressure most of the time. He is a good leader too.

11. Houston Texans - Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
Ahman Green hasn't worked out well at all for Houston and Dayne isn't very good. They are 23rd in rushing yards per game this season. Ahman gets injured too often and Ron Dayne isn't even averagind 4 yards per carry. With McFadden gone Stewart is probably the best back left available. Stewart runs with power and explosiveness. Matt Schaub has done well in his first season with the Texans, but he needs a running back who will help him out.

12. Denver Broncos - Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
The Bronco's defense has not been what it used to be. It is ranked near the bottom in almost every single category except for pass defense. Ellis has been a beast for USC as the starting nose tackle. He is incredibly strong  and he is unbelievable at stopping the run. He would make an immediate impact on the broncos defensive line by helping to stop the run. They are 30th in the league at stopping the run and they are allowing nearly 140 rushing yards per game!

13. Washington Redskins - Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
Rest in peace Sean Taylor. Many think the Redskins should revitalize their secondary with their pick because of the sad death of Sean Taylor, but Phillip Daniels is getting way too old for the 'Skins to not get a successor. Daniels is at the ripe age of 34. He isn't going to be in the league much longer. Campbell has great size and he is an excellent pass rusher. He uses his instincts to find the ball carrier and he pursues well. He has good range and he is very powerful.

14. New Orleans Saints - Mike Jenkins, CB, USF
The Saints have a horrific secondary. Their secondary can't tackle either. Jenkins isn't the best tackler, but if he manages to cover receivers by himself the Saints can afford to double team the other guy. They are 28th in the league in passing yards allowed per game at 250 yards per game. Teams have avoided throwing to his side of the field this year, but he still managed 3 interceptions and 12 deflections. Jenkins has good size, speed, and quickness. He will likely make an immediate impact in the NFL.

15. Carolina Panthers - Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
With Delhomme out and aging they need another quarterback. David Carr is as bad as they come and if Delhomme is old how are they going to rely on Testaverde? Brennan has shattered many NCAA records and he has tremendous skill at the quarterback position. Many people think Brennan is the next Timmy Chang, but Brennan is a much better quarterback than Timmy Chang was. Colt has an accurate arm and he can throw short, intermediate, and deep passes.

16. Philadelphia Eagles - Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
The Eagle's receivers haven't had successful seasons and they haven't found anyone to replace T.O. Philadelphia hasn't reached the NFC Championship game since T.O. left. This shows that the Eagles recquire a skilled receiver to succeed. Kelly has great hands and he can make the tough catches. Kelly isn't afraid of contact; he will go up for the ball if he has to. He is quick and when he gets the ball he can take it all the way. Kelly would be able to stretch the field for the Eagles and open up a lot of things on offense.

17. Arizona Cardinals - Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State
The Cardinals have a solid quarterback, receiver, and running back. The only real need they have on offense is the offensive line. They have managed to succeed anyway, but they need help defensively. Their pass rush isn't very quick  for NFL standards. If Gholston becomes successful right off the bat then the Cards could have the best defense in their division. Gholston definitely ahs the speed and strength to get by tackles. You can tell he's versatile because in OSU's defense he dropped back in coverage often.

18. Tennessee Titans - Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
The Titans, for some unknown reason, haven't drafted a receiver in the first round that has succeeded. Everyone is saying Vince Young is overrated, maybe, but it's hard to tell when he has this pathetic crew of wideouts. Mario is a huge big play threat and his 40 could be under 4.4. He is only a Junior yet he just finished off his second great season. He has unbelievable acceleration and he can catch up to errant throws. Manningham is capable of going all the way because he can make people miss and his speed.

19. Buffalo Bills - Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State
The Bills seem to have found a good starting quarterback and a good starting running back. The Bills have managed to buold through the draft so far, so hopefully they can continue to do so. Evans is still a good wideout, but the rest of their receivers aren't good enough to be #2s. Bowman has size, hands, and speed. The only reason teams might be afraid to take him is his past. At North Carolina he was suspended for a drug-realted issue and in the Goodell-era off the field issues are something you need to watch out for.

20. Detroit Lions - Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
The Lions, or God's Team according to Bill Simmons, traded away Dre' Bly before this season. Bly was their only playmaker in the secondary. Talib would be the perfect replacement. He is big and physical while being capable of making the big play. Talib is a shutdown corner that teams stay away from. Shutdown corners are an excellent thing to have in the NFL. Talib can be used as a receiver on occasion, but his true spot is corner. Talib is also a great hitter and he may be able to switch between corner and safety.

21. Minnesota Vikings - Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma
Minnesota has done pretty well in everything, except pass defense, that is. The only reason their passing yards per game is so low is becaue their running game has been dominant and Tarvaris Jackson didn't find his groove until recently. They are the worst team in the league in passing defense. They need a corner like Reggie who can tackle and cover well. He has over 70 tackles, he has three picks, and he has broken up 10 passes. Oklahoma is known for producing defensive talent and Smith probably won't be different.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from Browns) - James Hardy, WR, Indiana
Terry Glenn and T.O. are both aging. Owens has a few years left, but the 'Boys might want to groom Hardy before he leaves. Owens would be able to teach him a lot and it would really help Hardy succeed. Hardy is the best receiver no one that's a college football fan ever heard of. He reminds many of Plaxico Burress, just bigger and faster. Hardy is amazingly consistent as he has never had less than one catch in a game. Hardy is quick and if he runs even faster than his 4.45 40 suggests, he'll be very successful.

23. New York Giants - Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
As someone so gracefully stated in the comments "Kenny Phillips=next Sean Taylor". Well, there are some similaritis between the two. Phillips has the size of Sean Taylor, the both went to Miami, and Phillips can stop the run and pick it off. The coach at Miami coached the likes of Taylor and Ed Reed and he said that Kenny "...has the size of Taylor and the knowledge and speed of Reed." Phillips has experience at both safety positions and he is a quick learner and a leader for his team.

24. San Diego Chargers - Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State
Marcus McNeil seems to have struggled this year and the offensive line hasn't done as well as they have in recent seasons. They were especially poor against the Titans as either Haynesworth or Vanden Bosch were getting pressure on Rivers. Clady is a powerful blocker with a great technique. Most say the Chargers should draft a linebacker. What I say is, what are there more of quality linebackers or quality left tackles? The answer to that question is linebackers, expecially this late in the draft.

25. Seattle Seahawks - Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas
Someone brought it to my attention, in a comment, that the Seahawks already have five running backs. Wow. I had no idea, but I'm sticking with this pick. Felix Jones shared carries with the great Darren McFadden at Arkansas. If you look at Jones' numbers at first you don't see anything spectacular, but he wasn't even the #1 back on his team. This helps him because he has more work left in him because he has been less of a workhorse than other first round talents at running back.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Early Doucet, WR, LSU
This year the Jaguars have found a consistent starting quarterback in David Garrard, the Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew tandem has worked well, and the defense is its usual formidable self. The biggest problem they have is the receiver spot. Dennis Northcutt and Reggie Williams are their top 2 receivers, neither of which have reched 550 yards yet this season. Doucet has great hands to go along with his ability to stop and start again. He will run great routes for Jag's offense.

27. Tampa Bay Bucaneers - D.J. Hall, WR, Alabama
The Bucs have been very successful this season especially their defense. Jeff Garcia has done a great job and their running game will be even better next year because of Cadillac Williams. Tampa's leading receiver is Joey Galloway who is good, but he is getting up there in years and then there is Ike Hilliard and he isn't a number one receiver. Hall is on the verge of his second straight 1,000 yard receiving season. Hall might be a little light for an NFL receiver, but he has good abilities.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers - Dan Connor, MLB, Penn State
The Steelers have the league's best defense, but any team can always use a good linebacker. I would be surprised if Connor dropped this low in the actual draft. Connor is often described as a blue collar and that may be right. He plays at Linebacker U, but he still managed to set the record for msot tackles in a single game. In only 2 of his 43 games he hasn't reached 5 tackles. He is very similar to Paul Posluszny. They both have a nose for the ball, but Connor is more athletic.

29. Green Bay Packers - Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona
This pick used to be Malcom Jenkins, but from what I have read recently Antoine Cason is much better. The Packers have been playing extremely well, especially their offense. The only place I see them going after in the first round is their secondary. They have a great pair in Al Harris and Charles Woodson, but they do not have much depth at the cornerback position and Harris is 33 and Woodson is 31. Cason is the best corner in the Pac-10 and a great shutdown corner. He would be a great pick here.

30. San Francisco 49ers(from Colts) - Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
I had a defensive player here before, but then I realized that the 49ers would never pick a defensive player with this terrible offense. This pick was tough considering all the weapons that are already gone. Receiver is a big hole on this offense and Sweed is a big receiver who could be a mjor red zone threat. He has great hands, but he may rely too much on his height. He is very physical and he will definitely be able to run across the middle thanks to that mentality.

31. Dallas Cowboys - Terrell Thomas, CB, USC
The 'Boys, since they already drafted a skilled receiver earlier on, need a corner opposite of the speedy Terrence Newman. Their biggest need in the secondary may be safety, but there are no safeties worth it at this place in the draft and Thomas may even be able to play both corner and safety. Thomas may eventually replace Anthony Henry as the number 2 corner. Thomas is big and physical. Don't be surprised if the 'Boys trade down to get McFadden.

32. New England Patriots  FORFEITED
This pick was forfeited due to the violation of rules by the Patriots who were caught videotaping the Jets defensive coordinator from the sideline. This has famously become "SpyGate".


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