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It has been a quiet week for the Hot Stove. Besides of one gigantic, suprising blockbuster that sent D-Train and Cabrera to the Tigers. Another than that and Jones going to the Dodgers, not much has happened. By now most teams know what they are doing. Either going all in or playing small ball and taking small steps to improve their team. While the big news may be rather low, the rumors are still flying fast. Enjoy:

The Orioles- Lets start off with a whole team. They has alot of vetaren parts that many teams would like to have and are willing to give up for. But that crazy Orioles front office has been either asking WAY too much or they aren't even talking. Here's the big one:

Erik Bedrad

Erik Bedard- 11 teams appear to be on the radar for Bedard. Bedard is a true ace. He lead MLB in Ks last year and continues to be the only bright spot on a franchise that is completely lost. At the same time, Bedard will land some great prospects. Which would be great for the Orioles since they need young talent in the worst way. They don't have much. Who are those 11 teams you ask? These 11:

Phillies- The Phillies don't have much to give up. If they are gonna give up anything, it's gonna be some hitting. The Orioles need hitting and the Phillies need pitching so it seems like a good fit. Citizens Bank Ballpark shouldn't affect Bedard too much. He strikes out a ton in the AL and pitching in the NL should only increase those #s, even if pitching in such a hitter's park. Imagine a rotation like this: Erik Bedard, Brett Myers, Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick, and Jamie Moyer.

Cardinals- Here is the darkhorse. The Cardinals could use afew pitchers and landing Bedard would be a big wake up call to the NL Central. But the Cardinals seem to be in a stage where they should start rebuilding. They're a very old team with a rotation patched together with duct tape and band-aids. They should trade their vets and get younger. Sure Bedard would help now. But the Cardinals still don't have enough to win. Bedard won't bring a NL title. They need much more than that.

Mets- I have a feeling the Mets might land him. Omar needs to make a big pitching move. He's due for one and the Mets need a young ace. The deal would send Bedard out of the AL which would be a good thing for the Orioles. If the Mets get Bedard(and they would have to give up 2 pitchers and more), you have a great trio of Bedard, Maine, and Perez. Keep an eye out for this one. The last time these guys traded(Benson for Maine and Jorge Julio), the Orioles got the bad end of it.

The other teams include, the Angels, Mariners, Yankees, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Blue Jays, and Reds. In other Orioles news...

No one wants Tejada- The Giants and Astros were into Tejada. Now, it appears no one really wants him. At least not for what the Orioles want for him. Or it could be because his power is almost completely gone and his range is decreasing rapidly at SS. He can still hit but the Orioles aren't gonna get 2 big prospects. They won't even get one!

Brain Roberts To Cubs?- The Cubs want Roberts very bad. I think they are gonna get him. The Cubs could use everything Roberts brings: some speed, a switch-hitter, and a 2B. This would also push Mark DeRosa to the OF. Roberts has been very underrated. But he's near that same level of Utley, Cano, and Pedroia. I actually think he's better than Pedroia. The Cubs could make this happen, and they should.

Now with some other teams:

The Yankees and Red Sox have taken a break from the Santana Wars to focus on what they really need:

The Yankees-Bullpen: Luis Vizcaino appears gone which is kind of disappointing. He started off horrible but really picked it up in the 2nd half. But he wanted Scott Linebrink money. And the Yankees didn't think he was Scott Linebrink. So they said, "See ya". The Yankees did make a trade with the Nats, trading Tyler Clippard for Jonathan Albaladejo. The Yanks want Damaso Marte in the worst way. He is a great lefty specialist who the Yankees have wanted for a long time but have never gotten their hands on. John Grabow, Ron Mahay, Trever Miller,  Jeremy Affeldt, and LaTroy Hawkins are also being looked at. LaTroy Hawkins p*sses me off. He will get about $4 million. This is a guy who has a career ERA of 4.68. He would bomb in NY(cough,Kyle Farnsworth,cough).

Red Sox-Bench: The Red Sox need some back-ups/bench guys. On the FA market, it's a whole lot of nothing. Either guys who barely played last year(Russell Brayan, Jeff Cirillo), some players who didn't play at all(Corey Koskie) and some other guys that just suck(Olmedo Saenz, Ryan Klesko). If I were the Red Sox I would try to get Trot Nixon back. The guy is a pesky hitter, Red Sox fans still love him(if it wasn't for him the Red Sox wouldn't have won it all in 2004.), and he brings some lefthanded punch to the bench. Add the fact that he's alot better than the other guys I mentioned.

Now some quick hits:

Reds Like Cameron- Mike Cameron would probably be a good fit. He would hit alot better in that ballpark(even without the steriods) and his defense is still above average. Add the fact that he won't cost much. It still doesn't seem like the Reds are going anywhere though. These vets they keep signing aren't gonna take them far.

Corey Patterson Wants A Bigger Deal- The Rangers are only willing to give him 1 year. When you think about it, that might be a good fit. Give the Rangers some speed and a CF. Corey Patterson has been very up and down in his career, but he can hit. And his defense is very good.

Crede Is Gone- Joe Crede is gone. Where? Not sure yet. But he's leaving.

3B Is Wide Open For The Marlins- Since Cabrera is in Detroit, they need a 3B. They really have no 3B. Scott Rolen has been whispered but the Marlins don't have the money for that huge contract he has with him. Wes Helms will probably be the guy called upon. The last time he was there, he had a very good year.

That's it. I'm done. Thanks for reading.


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