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By the sounds of it , it will rain all day and there is no lights on a road course. It will be interesting to see if we get this race in.

Fingers crossed anyways.

Would be nice to see NASCAR get into racing in the rain like other series and stop making excusses.

Yes to rain racing or no?

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August 14, 2011  10:20 AM ET

Don't know but I think the weight of the cars is the problem. Just a guess.

August 14, 2011  11:23 AM ET

F1 does it
Indy does if they have not changed.
the 24 hour cars do.
Just a bunch of foot draggers

August 14, 2011  11:37 AM ET

I don't think it would work as well on the ovals but I'd like to see them go in the rain on the road courses. It would also give Goodyear a chance to pimp its rain tires.

August 14, 2011  01:14 PM ET

Like I said a couple of blogs ago, I think there are other more important things to fix before going racing in the rain.

In the words of the great Randy Quaid, "They got bigger fish to fry!" LOL

Nationwide has done it a couple of times with no real issues.

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August 14, 2011  02:17 PM ET

Did anyone just watch Jr's interview during the rain delay?? Kinda bizarre, and you could tell he was off somewhere mentally. He'll be lucky to finish better than 30th today.

Unbiased.....I had no idea Uncle Eddie had fled to Canada.

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August 14, 2011  07:36 PM ET

Racing in the rain is boring. It's basically like running caution laps, and with NASCAR, a treaded tire would last two laps.

August 14, 2011  08:43 PM ET

F1 does itIndy does if they have not changed.the 24 hour cars do.Just a bunch of foot draggers

100% in agreement.

August 14, 2011  09:27 PM ET

Racing in the rain is boring. It's basically like running caution laps, and with NASCAR, a treaded tire would last two laps.

Worked well on the Nationwide cars at Montreal a couple years ago.

August 14, 2011  09:29 PM ET

The treaded tire might work at the road courses, and a few years ago I remember they were experimenting with it at the Glenn, and were even gonna use them in the race if it rained, but it stayed sunny that race and I never heard anything else about it.

At a high banked oval track, a treaded tire would never work. With the weight of the cars, and if there is any speed at all, the tread won't last more than a few laps.

And if the cars are gonna go slow enough for it not to wear the tires out as quickly, then that's not racing that I want to watch. I've saw F-1 and other series "race" in the rain, but it looks like they are running caution laps, and there is very little if any passing.

There aren't many races that get postponed, and I would rather TIVO a race ran on Monday than watch a snoozefest being "raced" in the rain on Sunday.

August 14, 2011  10:47 PM ET

I saw it, and tend to agree.... Bet he smoked an extra whatever when he realized no race today.I really do not think he wants to be there (meaning racing nascar).

Agreed and I have said it in the past but I was called a hater. LOL

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August 14, 2011  11:34 PM ET

Don't agree with the thinking that Jr does not want to be there....he admits that he is an introvert (diff interview) and that he gets tired of the questions.......he does love almost fact all he wants to do is race.......he just doesn't much like everything else that goes with it, like interviews and constant performance questions.....he dislikes discussing his strategies even more than the performance questions.

August 15, 2011  12:21 AM ET

Sorry LittleE but that's part of the job. The sponsors want a lively spokesperson, I don't understand how he gets away with it. It has to be the name. LOl

August 15, 2011  12:54 AM ET

I agree that it is part of the job and expected.....agree about the sponsors too.....I was just trying to explain his periodic flubbing of interviews.....some people think he is stoned.....I don't know if he is or isn't.....but I see his frustration with some interviews......bottom line though....if you collect the money, you do the job....all of it.

August 15, 2011  05:03 PM ET just wasn't his normal interview (which you can always tell that he's not that thrilled about being interviewed). His head was completely out of this one. And it was nice to see him put up a decent finish today on a track he hates (and put himself a little bit safer from being eliminated from the Chase).

August 15, 2011  11:13 PM ET

I haven't seen this interview yet.....looked at a few on Nascar,com but they must not have been the interview in question.


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