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I've been MIA because its that dreadful time of year...FINALS!!!  I have two more MONSTER finals to go...corporations and con law II so PLEASE, I cannot stress it enough PLEASE...pray for me!  Anywhosers, I couldn't stand to be away from the pigskin and grindiron any longer so I am going to do some quick picks...bare with me, I have missed a lot of football (preparing for these hellish finals) so I don't know who's injured and who's not doing well anymore...but these are my picks!!!


1.  Denver v. Kansas - TOUGHY, I do believe that LJ is out and I do believe that KC still sucks at the QB position but so does Denver (who cares if they are young, they suck for now.)  TO BE HONEST, both teams are total and utter disapointments...so its going to come down to the home field advantage...Denver with the three point win (7-10.)


 2.  Miami v. Buffalo - Buffalo with the win, I have given up all hope on Miami.  Plus, I think it will be cool to see them go well...defeated, in the same season that another team smashes their 13-0 record...fun times!


3.  Seattle (8-4) v. Cards (6-6) - Let there be no mistake about it, this is the game of the week!!!  Arizona must win this one in order to have a shot at a wild card spot...the mere fact that Arizona is talking playoff possibilities gives me reason to rejoice.  if my beloved Cards make it to the playoffs then just MY GRACIOUS!!!!  This is going to be a tough battle, AZ has suffered some serious losses this season...Fitzgerald and Q are game time decisions...Greene and Wilson are done...not to mention a whole host of other starters gone down.  Our practice squad has had to step in, several of them have been activated, this could really make for one heck of a hallmark movie ya'll...the practice squad that could...GO CARDS! 


4.  STL v. Cincy - Yeah...who cares, the most important fact is that AZ beat Cincy, so if AZ can do it...then...well no, on second thought... STL can't do it.  Chad Johnson for President...Cincy with the win! 


5.  NO v. ATL - This is a battle of the good turned ugly...both teams have records that NO ONE anticipated (who knew Vick was going to jail???)  I'm going to go with N.O...because I keep hope alive. 


6.   Minn. v. San Fran - Minn.with the win...San Fran beat AZ, down with them!  Patrick Willis is a beast (I co-sign that this is going to be a NICE rookie match up).  San Fran is one of my favorite young teams...the potential is there, they just have to work it out.  Alex Smith needs to get healthy and get confident....I hope he finds his zone before he loses the confidence of his team and his fans.  I don't think I will ever forget the cohesion he and Frank Gore showed during last years game against Seattle...magical, lets hope they reconnect. Plus Mike Nolan is the man!


7.  Cleveland v. Jets - I'm going to pick Cleveland, Romeo has turned these boys around...they are seriously thinking playoffs.  Plus, the psychological factor is intensifyed because the Browns suffered a traumatizing defeat in the desert last week, they AREN'T going to let that happen again...I think Braylon and Derek are ready to go...is Braylon healthy?


8. Philly v. Giants - Close call, NY suffered some losses...I hope McNabb isn't rushing back too soon, and I really don't like Eli Manning...so this is really tough.  For some reason, I'm giving the home field advantage its just due...plus Philly fans are RIDICULOUS...Philly with the sneak by win. I have a feeling I might regret this pick!!!!


9. Carolina v. Jacksonville - J-Ville with the win...Carolina just has not lived up to my expectations (5-7....come on guys, thats what you get for abandoning Keyshawn).


10.  Houston v. Tampa Bay - I said this in an earlier blog, Tampa Bay is like a terror cell...they just pop up with these defeats....who would have thunk-it!!!!  Tampa Bay is (8-4), I know I cannot believe it myself, and they are poised to take the NFC South...so this is a big game for them.  But on the other side, you have the home team...the Texans who have finally found a stride and who have a lot of pride (not intended to rhyme) but they have what it takes to knock Tampa off...I'm going to step out on a limb and pick the home team, Houston with the close win! 


11.  Oakland v. Greenbay - Greenbay with the win.  Bret Favre for Vice President!


12.  Indy v Bmore - well Bmore gave the Pats (aka the devil's advocates) a run for their money, thus I would expect no less this weekend...however, this season has been all about the unexpected...Indy with the easy win.


13.  Dallas v. Detroit - I'm really close to declaring an upset...the lions have been quite the surprise....but naahh, going to play it safe...Dallas with the blowout


14.  Pittsburgh v. Pats - Man, PLEASE oh PLEASE let the Steelers win....I'm going to step out on a limb here and say that Mike Tomlin and his boys can get it down...if anyone can Mike can!  Pitts wit the win..YIKES!!!


15. Chicago v. Washington - I'm pullin for the Skins, something I NEVER do, but its been an emotional year and they've truly lost enough, more than any football victory could ever replace...Skins with the win!  Eitherway, someone's playoff hopes get shattered...so sad so sad! 


16.  San Deigo v. Tenn.- Ya know, this is a close one too....it really is anyone's game because both teams are 7-5.  Like I said earlier, this week is all about the home field advantage...with that being said I'm going to have to pick Tenn. with the win...but no, something doesn't feel right about that.   On second thought, SD with the win.


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