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I don't really feel qualified to do the toasts page this week, as I had an old friend in town, and we spent the day seeing the sights in Chicago instead of watching football.  So I'm going to hit the obvious stuff, and leave the details to those who actually watched the games.

Here's to you, Todd Collins, for the best performance Joe Gibbs has ever seen coming off the bench.  Your team needed that.

Here's to you, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, and Brett Favre, for keeping up the amazing work we're coming to expect.  I think there are a lot of sentences that should include the names of the four of you.

Here's to you, Jason Witten. 15 catches???  Amazing.  And you block, too!

Here's to you, Patrick Kerney.  Another 3-sack game, and the Seahawks have won all three.

Here's to you, Elvis Dumervil.  3 sacks for you as well, and a forced fumble to boot.

Here's to you, Kyle Vanden Bosch.  Also 3 sacks, to go along with 7 tackles and an assist.  What a game.

Here's to you, Will Blackmon.  A return TD and a fumbled punt recovery for another 7. 

Here's to you, Trent Edwards.  You threw a lot of incompletions, but you got ‘em when it counted, putting 4 TDs on the board.

Here's to you, Samkon Gado.  93 combined yards on 14 total touches, 2 TDs, and a big smile on my and Harry Callahan's face.

Here's to you, Ryan Grant.  You tired that Oakland defense out - 5.4 yards apiece on 29 carries.

Here's to you, Sage Rosenfels.  And that was against a pretty decent pass defense too.

Here's to you, Greg White, for joining this week's 3-sack club.

Here's to you, Fred Taylor, for that 80-yard run.  In the words of Blink-182: "What's my age again?"

Here's to you, LaDainian Tomlinson, for your 146 yards and your game-winning overtime touchdown.

Here's to you, Kevin and Pat Williams.  How often do two DTs intercept passes in the same game?

Here's to you, Matt Hasselbeck and Jay Cutler.  4 TDs are apparently standard this week, like 3 sacks, but it's still toast-worthy in my book.

Here's to you, Marcus Trufant, for picking off 3 passes and tarnishing an otherwise good game for Kurt Warner.

Here's to you, Jabar Gaffney, for not letting yourself be depth-charted in this game.

Here's to you, Selvin Young.  You only got half of your teams rushes, and pulled 156 yards - that's just absurd.

Here's to you, Jamal Lewis.  You are so dangerous in cold weather.

Here's to you, Anthony Gonzalez.  You give hope for the Colts in the playoffs, and for life after Marvin in general.

That's all from me - please add your own, and use this opportunity to tell me about all the great plays I missed.  As always, keep ‘em positive and lay off the fantasy football and any other issues of personal gain.  We're here to celebrate.


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