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On one play yesterday, Fred Taylor cut back his run after seeing a hole in the front line. Then he preceded to burst through the hole and into the secondary of the Carolina Panthers. He then outran Carolina's secondary in a footrace to the endzone for an 80 yard TD. Oh yeah, Fred Taylor is 31 years old. He is turning 32 in January.

 Fred Taylor, for those of you that don't know about him, is the starting runningback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. That simple fact has been the sole reason he hasn't been to a pro-bowl yet in his career.

 Jacksonville doesn't get a lot of media attention or national exposure. Fred Taylor has quietly become of the greatest runningbacks to ever play the game. He just surpassed Eddie George on the all-time NFL rushing leaders list to overtake the 18th spot on the board. What I have seen out of Fred Taylor this year has been incredible. For a guy that is in his 10th season in the NFL he is still making all the moves and still has all the speed a 3 year back has. Fred is finding the holes, bursting through the front line and still running through tackles. So far this season he has accounted for 944 rushing yards and 3 TDs. That stat comes from splitting carries with Maurice Jones-Drew. Maurice Jones-Drew usually gets all of the 3rd down carries and most of the goalines, with the rest usually going to Greg Jones.

There are other backs in the NFL that are currently having better seasons, Joseph Addai, LT, Willie Parker, Willis McGahee. However, none of those are quite as incredible as Fred Taylor's. He had past years where he derserved to go the pro-bowl but wasn't selected because it is a fan vote. Most of the fans didn't know who Fred Taylor was.

1998 - 1223 yards 14 TDs

2000 - 1399 yards 12 TDs

2002 - 1314 yards 8 TDs

2003 - 1572 yards 6 TDs


Fred Taylor is a guy that has never complained about not having the exposure he deserves. He has never said a word. He just goes out every Sunday and gives it everything he has. I'm writing this blog to make people aware of what he has done this season and past seasons. Out of all the top 50 rushers in NFL history, Fred Taylor joins only Antoine Smith as one of two players to not go to a pro bowl. He is only one in the top 25 all time to not make it to Hawaii at least once.

I want everyone to be aware of Fred's accomplishments and what he has done this season sharing carries. Since the fans are the ones that vote for the pro bowl I want to make fannation aware that Fred Taylor deserves to go this season, as it may be his last. Give Fred something he derserves, something he has deserved for a long time. Give him a trip to Hawaii this season to put the exclamation point on his incredible career. Fred Taylor has to much pride to ask for votes himself so me, as a lifelong Jaguar fan, am asking for him.

To really get an idea of how good his career has been, take a look at this video of some of his best runs over the past few seasons.

Click here to watch Fred run!

Click Here for another video of some great runs earlier in his career as a Jaguar.

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