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On a windy brisk day B0mb3rs takes the stage, as he steps up to the mike, a chill runs down the spine of all in attendance. "Who would of thought, that one day while reading SI on the john that I would one day be mentioned with the fannation greats."--a silence settles over the crowd. They hang on his every word. "I love arguing, I will argue about anything, especially sports and when I found fannation I found a home." --more chills---"Who can forget my humble beginnings as another screen name. With bold Predictions, like the Skins will win the NFC East (http://fannation.com/throwdowns/show/4308) Furious over online slights, and the idea of the Yanks not winning another world series (http://fannation.com/throwdowns/show/5088). Brimming with confidence in my Throwdowns. Ready to take on the world. Until." --the crowd is hanging on every word at this point, old ladies have begun to cry, old men are drinking to stave off the emotion. "Until I figured out that just stats, didn't matter, just a good point didn't matter, that sometimes on fannation things are popularity contests, and there is nothing you can do about it, and winning wasn't the only thing" In the crowd a small child learns what hero worship is for the first time. "Things got ugly during my time on fannation, I wasn't always proud of how I acted (http://fannation.com/throwdowns/show/53117), but hey even hero's bleed right?" A youngish, smooth skinned girl, just feinted. "You need people in this world, people who are like you in some small way, passionate, intelligent, able to communicate a thought, an idea."--gasps--"Even if their wrong. On my journey I learned it wasn't whether you were factually correct, but whether you do the dew in those three little boxes." A small fender bender just happened as passerby's in cars strain to catch even the briefest glimpse of this great TDer. "It's been a crazy journey fannation." Cassidy can even be seen turning her head and blowing her nose. "I am going to retire form TD's soon" shouts of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO could be heard echoing in the distance. "However I plan on having at least as many comebacks as Jay-Z and George Forman combined." "I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me, and everyone who didn't. I'd like to thank...well myself. For being so friggin sweet." "also I'd like to thank Buddha, why? He doesn't get thanked by anyone in a public forum nearly enough, well outside of rappers anyways. So yeah thank Buddha, not the crazy scary Buddha but the little fat one with gold coins I see at that Chinese place. Him. Finally I would like to thank all who came before and all who come after." Time has seemed to stop for the crowd as they hang on every word. "I finish with these words stolen from the immortal Clifford Franklin (http://the-replacements.warnerbros.com/img/orlando.jpg) The football's like a one-man cold to B0mb3rs. B0mb3r's the only man catchin' it, B0mb3rs's the only man comin' down wid it." "Peace I'm out."


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