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Okay- I am copping out on this on kids.  So it'll be running loose so bare with me.


First off, the Mitchell report...  "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow- you're only a day ah-way..."  Too bad we have only been waiting for tomorrow for what the last year now? 

I'll be blunt.  Baseball is a game we are genetically born with inherently.  Ask a baseball fan why they are a fan...  Seriously- ask them.  The first thing you will see- is us look at you like you are speaking another language.  Like the way my wife looks at me when I ask her to explain why she needs another pair of shoes?  It's genetic.  You don't question it.  You can't escape it.  It'll break you heart then make you fall in love with it all over again before even a single out takes place.  It's in our DNA people... 

Just like it is in Senator George Mitchell's.  The man works or worked and has financial stakes in and for the Red Sox and Disney (that owns ESPN)?  Don't tell me this man is distanced...  Don't try to sell me on his "impeccable credentials."  It's a load of crap.  This whole report, from the day Sen. Mitchell was selected to run it, as big one big C.Y.A. mission for Selig.  Sorry, for those that don't know, C.Y.A. means cover your @##.  Anyhow, no one person should really feel that this report is going to be anything other than that.  It's a report, it's the kinda stuff pretty much everyone knew already but just nicely written, binded, and packaged for everyone to read.  Those 50 people will all be people we have already heard of or speculation was made of in the past and all we are is pulling some old bones outta a closet in baseball we all knew were already there.  The question is old, and getting older every day...  Who's on the list?  I for one, am bloody well past caring.  Tell me what you are going to do about it.  Tell me where the rules lie now so this is not going to happen anymore.  Tell me records will be restored for the men that did it themselves.  Then tell me what baseball is gonna do for it's fans to show this is now behind them and all of us.  Stop talking, read it out loud, then put up or shut up.  Baseball has been in the forefront and position to do things for recognized sport all over the world that no one else has.  They have the opportunity to so something.  Do anything.  Just don't tell us what we already know.  It's disrespectful to MLB as a sport, as a player, and as a fan. 

Okay, thanks for letting me get that out of my system. 

In other news, I learned a new word yesterday from DC Sport Nut.  It's "Met-ional."  In regards to Lo Ducca heading to the Nationals.  I hear it is the baseball cousin to the football "Jet-skins."  And I actually like it.  It's great to see the Nationals actually pulling in some talent.  I have been worried about them.  But after what they did for one of my ex- Tigers Dmitri, I have been sold on the organization to turn things around for players.  My only worry about the Nats is that they are taking their luck with Dmitri to whole new levels in becoming a bit of a half-way house for baseballs troubled.  Lo Ducca and Dukes aren't known for knowing how to handle the spot light form time to time, but if they can be changed anywhere, it can happen there.  So good luck to the Nats, you're guaranteed to finish above the Marlins after they dealt their two best players to my team in Detroit.  As for the Mets, Braves, Phillies?  Well, you'll have you're work cut out for you in beating out hot-lanta for third, but after all the holes still existing in their team that I have seen- it is do-able...

I saw an intriguing throw down hosted by rook Southernbred vs. Dawgee Fresh.  It's about how the AL East won't make it to the World Series this coming year.  And while no one can ever discount the Red Sox or Yankees for turning a season around or hitting a hot streak, Southernbreds logic seems legit to me...  Check it out, - it would be worth looking at if they finish it out to see the logic behind everything.  Anyhow- let me know what you see in it. 

I agree, for the most part, with Southernbred.  The Tigers are gonna be ferocious in 08, and as usual- well lately anyhow, the Indians are no joke either.  Especially if they pull off some kinda trade for an ace starter to supplant CC leaving for free agency next season and perhaps adding Bay form the Pirates.  The Central will have it's division winner and the wild card to be dealt into the post season mix to make things rough as all-good-get-out on the Red Sox and Angels. 

I only worry about Boston and the Yankees not upgrading this off season like the Tigs and Angels have if they wanna be legit AL contenders this next season. 

The AL Central is tough, al lot like the NL West, any team can surprise you, I mean the White Sox took it all in 05, the Tigers made it but couldn't seal the deal in 06, then the Indians were just a game away last season against Boston!  It's filthy in that division.  You can bet the White Sox will be at the bottom since the Royals are hell-bent on no longer being considered a small market franchise.  You could move any of those two clubs to another division and they would easily be a front runner in a lot of places.  But trying to compete with Detroit, Cleveland and the Twinkies (with or without Santana) is gonna be a real uphill battle.

So- the Cubbies landed Fukudome...  Nice.  Well if he lives up to the hype.  Not like Dice-K.  Man, that was an early round bust in my fantasy draft! [Insert deep dramatic sigh here]  Oh well, I have no real input on this guy so I am gonna leave well enough alone for the moment until I see or hear a bit more on him.  But he will give the Cubs time to hone Pie into a great fielder without throwing him to the wolves too early.  To me it seems like a nice fit for the club.  If he doesn't- well, it's just more crazy money spent by the Cubs for people no one fuku-ing cares about...  Sorry, I had to try the play on the name.  I'm human, sue me...

Well everyone, my time is up and I have to leave but I'll see you tomorrow.  So as usual, good day, good night, good luck, and go TIGERS!


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