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Fans of the NY Knicks have the right idea when they clamor for a Garden boycott, or incessantly call for the ouster of Isiah Thomas. They have the right idea in demanding Dolan step down in favor of his father. But it's just that: an idea. I have a great idea: world peace. It's not happening...not unless divine intervention saves us all.

Why won't it work? Well the average fan can't attend Knicks games at the garden. Sure, there are die-hards to go to the games. There are your everyday fans lucky enough to have season tickets. But even if they all walked out, their tickets would be someone else's in a day. Who would buy them? The rich. The wealthy. The spoiled.

Going to a game at the Garden has little to do with the Knicks anymore. It is a place for celebrities and executives to entertain themselves, their clients, and their own fans. It is a place for people to showcase themselves. You won't catch Howard Stern chanting ‘Fire Isiah!' nor will you see a managing director from Goldman Sachs curse and holler in front of a client, and have himself thrown out of the Garden.

It is a fashion show. A runway of sorts. It is not a place to dream of the golden years of Knick basketball. It is no longer the place we remember Patrick Ewing battling Michael Jordan, or Reggie Miller inciting a united force of fans. It is not a place we respect, and not a place we want our children idolizing.

Isiah Thomas should not only be fired, but he should be ashamed of himself. To his credit, Scott Layden started this mess. Thomas simply came along and blew it up with a grenade. Jim Dolan likes to compare his allegiance to Glen Sather of the Rangers, when it was a hard salary cap that made the Rangers good again. Not talent evaluation and brilliant management.

These men are liars. They are thieves. They are everything we strive not to be. As educated fans, we know it is not in the best interest of an owner to let the fans play GM. However as educated fans we know when we are being used, abused, and generally laughed at by these pigs in the front office.

I am no longer a Knick fan. There is not one man on that roster I appreciate. There is not one person in that front office I have faith in. What we have is a disaster. Until we learn how to derail the daily fashion show, it won't work. Until we can organize rallies in the thousands to march to the Garden stairs and declare with a united voice that we are sick and tired of the ignorance of management, the situation is hopeless.

Dolan thinks getting into the 8 seed so he can secure a couple of home games and millions of dollars is a success. Its up to us to let him know that its not. And Lord only knows what that will take. We know we will get no help from the rich and famous. Its up to us.


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