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5 Best Events in Sports

5) NCAA Tourney

    Just the constant flow of games and how spirited the competition is makes each weekend of this fun to watch. It gives excitement to what would otherwise be a dull boring month of March. How fun was it to watch George Mason go to the Final Four? You cant see something like that anywhere else in sports.

4) Super Bowl

     Normally the game itself has rarely been anything to write home about, but when one is what else can be more exciting? But the Super Bowl is more than a game, its a week long event. Its something the entire nation gets excited about. From Super Bowl parties, betting, and block pools, Super Bowl Sunday is the best Sunday of each year.

3) Frozen Four

         I dont think too many people watch this, but if you like hockey its something I would highly recommend. Its hard to find better hockey anywhere else. Each game is usually exciting and you might see some things here you never thought possible (Like north dakota, down 3-0 pulling thier goalie and tying the game at the last sec. They lost in OT, but what a game). Give it a shot and trust me, youll be hooked and watching every year.

2) MLB All Star Game

       Theres really nothing else to get excited about over the summer, plus this is the only good all star game. The HR Derby can really add to this too.

1) NHL Playoffs

     Even people who dont care for hockey know that this is the best of all playoffs. Its fast, spirited, and most of all exciting. Watch a multi-OT playoff game, if youre not a hockey fan you will be after that. Every second is exciting. Theres nothing better than this.

10 Best Venues in Sports

10) Gillete Stadium

   I know its new, theres not that long standing sense of history like a Lambeau, but this is a really good place to watch football (ON TV ANYWAY). 

9) Bell Centre (Montreal)

 Its not the forum, but theres just something about wathcing hockey in Canada. The fans are so nuts about thier Habs it makes it fun for outsiders to watch games there.  

8) Notre Dame Stadium

No college football is better than Notre Dame Football, and no stadium is better than ND stadium. Theres so much history here, from the Gold Helmets, 11 National Champs, Touchdown Jesus, and more. Some of the greatest regular season games in College Football History have been played here (ND-Miami 1988. ND-USC 2005). If Lambeau is a cathedral of staduim, Notre Dame Stadium is the Vatican.

7) Rosenblat Stadium (College World Series)

Aside from that ping, the CWS isnt bad. Its a nice staduim and people out on the hill behind the outfield fence is something unseen throughout the rest of major sport (LLWS is not major sports).  

6) Wrigley Field

Its definitley the most asctheically pleasing park in baseball. Its always sold out with truly passoinite fans (not like the whiney Red Sox Fans, they show up when the Cubs arent so good). By far the best ball park in the National League

5) The Palestra (Philadelphia)

You probably have to be from Philadelphia to appriciate the Palestra, but the best of Big 5 basketball is played here. Though its not a nationally prominat venue such a the Cameron Field House, but its significance in Philadelphias local culture earns it a spot here.

4) The Rose Bowl

     Its a nice stadium with a long history. Its a big part of the Rose Bowls lure and why the Rose Bowl is the only major bowl to NOT change its venue.

3) Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City)

   Its definitley the waterfall in outfield. Definitley NOT the Royals

2) University of Phoenix Stadium

      Its new and atleast for now, the most impressive stadium in sports. Even if the Cardinals arent, but theres always the Super Bowl and Fiesta Bowl.

1) Yankee Stadium

    The history of this stadium makes it number one. No other venue on this continent boasts the kind of history and housed a more domiant team than the Bronx Zoo. From the facade to Monument Park theres no better place.  Its a shame it has to close, really is.


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